Horrible Nerd Comedy Workshop: Practice Not Sucking With Help! (18+ Panel)

Started by YawningGlory, April 04, 2012, 09:29:12 PM

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Just letting people know that Friday 11:59p-2a (rolling INTO Saturday, if that makes sense) I'm going to be hosting a stand-up workshop panel. We had this before AX 2010's LCS and it went off pretty well, though we could've used a bigger room. Anyway, feel free to bring 1-3 minutes of material that you're working on, just came up with, or have had stuck in your head and you're really just wondering if it'd be as funny to other people as it is to you. Our "expert" team of "judges" will "evaluate" your performance and hopefully give you some advice in-between their narcissistic overly self-involved anecdotes to improve upon your performance! It's always a good opportunity for comedians new and experienced alike to give new material a try, or even see if they think this lame, overly niche brand of comedy is for them!

Special Guest Judges: None of these guys are even all that special, or judges...they're barely guests. Buy they are funny to some people sometimes!

-TBD, we're still working out some scheduling issues.

The Doctor

Oh, I'm sure its going to be more than just n*rd humor. Which sounds like an oxymoron, frankly.