Moon Prism Poptarts (Sat @ 10AM to 12PM)

Started by Eri Kagami, April 08, 2012, 12:34:40 PM

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Eri Kagami

Moon Prism Poptarts is a nostalgia panel for those of us who grew up watching Sailor Moon in the mid-90s on UPN. This is for those of us who grew up watching the dub and then discovering the wonderful world of Japanese animation through it.

Whether you love or hate the dub, the North American version has had its moments. This panel is a history of the domestication of Sailor Moon and a listing of all censorship, changes, and fan reaction. This panel will also show clips from the North American dub (both DIC and Cloverway) of many infamous moments.

This panel was made to look back at childhood and to enjoy nostalgia with likeminded moonies. So bring your strawberry poptarts and Sailor Moon cosplay and make some time in your schedule to check us out!

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