Meet me at the clock [Steampunk prop]

Started by aetherltd, May 05, 2012, 02:10:41 PM

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Just finished this today. It's a prop for the Aetheric Message Machine Company's Telegraph Office, which will be on the lobby level at Clockwork Alchemy.

Here's how it was made.

The column is from a rather ugly floor lamp found on Craigslist.

I was looking for a steampunk-looking floor lamp. This wasn't it, but since I'd driven the truck out to the seller's place, I decided to buy the thing.

It's plaster over a tube, not stone.  So it's not that heavy. The base and lamp socket were discarded, leaving a column badly in need of a paint job. 

The clock is a low-cost battery-powered clock with a retro face, 20 inches in diameter, from Target. Behind the clock is a 12-sided box, 3 inches deep, built from pine and fiberboard, so the clock looks solid from all directions. The box has a square base on top of a circular disk sized to fit the opening in the tube, so it doesn't slide around. 

For stability, there's a wide base under the column, a pine round from Home Depot.  Underneath the base are rubber feet, so it will stand level.  Holding it all together is a 1/4" steel rod from top to bottom, threaded at each end and held with wing nuts.  The whole thing can be disassembled for transport. Paint is Hunter Green spray paint.

Built at TechShop, Menlo Park, CA. About 12 hours of work. 

Another fine product of the Aetheric Message Machine Company, Ltd.


That's very cool!  Thanks for sharing how it was made.
Life is too important to take seriously.  Seriously.


The clock at Clockwork Alchemy, next to our Telegraph Office.