[WTS] Tifa Cosplay, Doujn, and other Random Items [EDITED]

Started by Yuutousei, May 17, 2012, 01:40:42 PM

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It would probably be easier for me to just nab you during the con to deliver then sending, but I'm still able to ship if you want!

You can view most of these items here.
SO things I have to offer:

  • Cosplay
    • Advent Children Tifa's Cosplay (Shoes, Wig, and cosplay all included, worn to try it on) [Asking $150]
  • Manga/Official Books ($5/ea unless otherwise noted)
    • Wings Anthology (Jan-Dec 2005, except for May) [$4/ea, $30 for all 11)
    • Clamp no Kiseki vol? with chess pieces [$10]
    • Arte Stella APH Art Book (no posters) [$20]
    • Fujimi Orchestra 15th Memorial Book [$20]
    • Vampire Princess Miyu manga (JAP), vol?
    • Detective Conan manga (JAP), vol?
    • Itsumo ??? manga (JAP), vol 4 & 5 (sorry I can't read the kanji!)
    • Warrior's Tao manga (ENG), vol1
    • Ze BL manga (ENG), vol3
    • Gokuroku Cafe Shounen-Ai manga (JAP), vol 1 & 2 (COMPLETE) [$7 for the set]
  • Doujin ($7/ea unless otherwise noted)
    • "Touch Me Hold Me Tonight" FMA Doujin (RoyxEd, part of it is a SS, explicit content)
    • "The Melancholy of Roy Mustang" FMA Doujin (I think it's uke!Roy, several pages of SS)
    • Unknown Title, T&B Doujin (KotetsuxBarnaby, mild shounen-ai and some crossdressing)
    • Prussia APH Doujin (the very colorful cover!)
    • PrusxEngxJapan APH doujin (Kiku in the flower bed -- contains explicit material)
    • GerxPrusxJapan APH doujin (Explicit)
    • "Numb" APH Doujin (I think it's USUK but I'd have to go check again "/)
    • Gravitation Remix vol8.5 (KxArk, lots of ASK related BL) [$15]
  • Other Merchandise (All official!)
    • Unknown Model (Brunette Female, it looks like it could be from a mecha series, but it would be one that came out post 2000 'cause I don't recognize it) [$2]
    • Lichtenstein keychain (APH) [$2]
    • CLAMP Chess Pieces [$1.50/ea, buy all three pictured for $3! I might have a White Mokona pawn somewhere too....]
    • Unknown Pencilboard (The crappy picture of two males "/ Sorry no other info) [$2]
    • "Kichiku Megane" mini-poster [$2]
    • FMA Manga Coaster set (Never used, but Roy has popped out of the cardboard "/) [$3]
    • "Our Kingdom"(?) Pencil Board [$2]
    • Hetalia CD -- contains 2 songs and the instrumentals (it came with the first music book) [$3]

Willing to haggle. Sorry it took so long to get everything up.

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