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Started by Firefury Amahira, May 19, 2012, 02:02:31 PM

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Firefury Amahira

My sister One and I are coming back, and this year we have timeslots for our panels (we've got three of them this year!) that aren't at dark o'thirty in the morning! :D Taking into consideration what we learned from running the workshop at Fanime last year, we've changed things up a bit and added some new material. Also, we've split the material from last year into two separate panels, and One will be running an all-new third panel for the grown-ups.

Fanfiction 101: Story Building - Friday, May 25th at 9pm in Panels 1
The crash-course in How To Write Fanfic. This panel covers the basics of creative writing for fanfiction: how to develop a story idea, how to build up a world the story is set in, various narrative perspectives, ways to avoid or overcome writers' block, advice for specific types of scenes such as action or (non-sexual) romance, a discussion of the unique challenges of crossover or alternate-universe fanfiction, and recommendations for publishing your work online. The panel format is partly lecture, and partly back-and-forth discussion with the audience. Feel free to bring samples of your work, ideas, or just questions you want to ask. The panel is more fun for everybody when it's more than just One and I talking at everyone the entire time! :)

Fanfiction 201: Characters - Saturday, May 26th at 12pm in Panels 2
This one deals with more advanced issues regarding characters in fanfiction. The panel will cover subjects such as writing and developing canon characters further, creating and developing new original characters, cooking up villains or antagonists, and how to avoid cliches or creating "Mary Sue" type characters. As with the 101 panel, bring your ideas and questions; if past experience is any indication, the material about characters is where a lot of people have questions!

Fanfiction 369: Visualizing Sex 18+ ONLY - Sunday night/Monday morning May 28th at 1am in Panels 3
[spoiler]Innuendos ahoy! Do you feel like your stories fall flat and just can't keep it up, leaving your readers unsatisfied with a premature or just plain disappointing narrative climax? This panel will shamelessly strip away the mysteries and give you the knowledge and the confidence you need to finish the job! Run by One, this adults-only panel will provide fanfiction authors a clearer understanding of How Sex Works and advice for writing erotic scenes in fanfiction. Information will be provided via Power Point presentation including anatomical illustrations of the parts involved and how they respond throughout the process. It will also discuss some of the common myths about sex and the various types of language used to describe it. My sister advises that you bring a notebook and be prepared to take notes![/spoiler]

We'll also be providing an updated version of the "Fanfiction Writers' Quick Reference Guide" we handed out at our panel last year that includes expanded information about Mary Sue characters as well as new sections with information for crossover and alternate-universe story writing.

If anyone has some requests or questions about the panels, now would be a good time to ask 'em! ;)
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Firefury Amahira

So, con has come and gone, and we think that all three fanfic workshops were a success (though we were kinda surprised to find Fanfic 369 was put in the big room!)

But then, we were the panelists and we might have the rose-colored glasses on without realizing it. If you were there, some feedback would be most awesome! We're also looking for suggestions for the writing guides we give out at the panels; I know my sis wants to add some stuff about keeping canon characters in-character.

Thanks again to everybody that came; you guys were a great crowd this year!
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I did not get to attend your panels due to the fact that I was Panels staff and we were working all weekend long. But I did score a packet and I loved it! I had your packet from last year, and the expanded packet was definately a bonus! Thank you for taking the time to print out packets, it's great!
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