Procrastinated on getting an ID

Started by Pen2AndyP, May 20, 2012, 01:10:38 AM

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I just recently turned 18, with a lot of excitement going towards going to the panels and doing things I couldn't before, however, I've managed to procrastinate getting an ID from all the excitement. Is there anyway I can still go to them, or any other form of ID I can use?


I'm not too sure but if you get a state id you get a temporarily one.
Well that's at lest true when you get your drivers licence. I'm not 100% sure on the id only ones.. But either way get now why put it off.
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I don't know how Driver's Licenses work, but with a state ID, they do NOT give you a temporary one. They just give you a little piece of paper that has your number and information, but since it doesn't have a picture, it's not usable as identification. At this point, it's probably too late for you, since it took me about a week to recieve mine. So I doubt they'll let you into the 18+ rooms. It sucks, but to be fair, you did have time to get an ID...
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Do you still live with your parents? If so, I'm thinking that consent form thing can be used even though you're now an adult. If you have a school ID, I'd probably go to the DMV and get the ID slip thing from them and bring it with your picture ID. Shoot, bring a copy of your birth certificate as well.

Or, just email and tell them your story. That would likely be your best bet.


Do you have a Drivers License? Those do have your birthday on them so it MIGHT work to prove your 18. Don't quote me though, I'm not a staff member so I can't say for sure but I assume it would be okay. I would definitely email or PM a staff member now so you can be sure before you get there.

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We just posted a news article that might be relevant to Pen2AndyP. If you didn't pre-register, there might be other options but I am not 100% aware of them (e-mail ).
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I mean, I'd probably manage to find some way to pick up my badge one way or the other, but I mean how about 18+ panels and events, Some friends and I were excited about this, and some of us forgot to get our IDs. I'm going to the DMV first thing in the morning and getting whatever it is I can, and thanks for the replies. I hope well all be able to enjoy the con, thanks.


I believe I can attempt to partially answer the part about the more adult rooms.  Since I have been to one or two over the years  ;).

Government issued photo id, with a birthday, is what you will need. Whether that is a drivers license, passport, a general id card from the DMV (I had one when I was 8 because I did a lot of flying).  If you do not have something that has a photo of you, and your birthday on it; it will be really difficult if not impossible to get in.
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Washington issues temporary ID's and Drivers Licenses with a photo, I don't know about other states though.


Quote from: Zero_Kirby on May 22, 2012, 12:53:45 AM
school ID or Passport
A school ID will not gain you entry to an 18+ panel or showing.