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Please be respectful to others at the con by showering and not stinking up the dam place with that fan boy stank.
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Many an Elevator trip gone bad due to that not being considered.
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I'll say. One of my friends caught con funk from a random hugger. D: Please shower folks, don't try to cover it up with axe or perfume.
OMG! What the Fugnuggets is going on?!

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^ The only thing worse than fanboy/girl funk is fan funk AND Axe. Axe is bad enough on its own, I don't want BO on top of that, thank you.

Shower, shower, shower! Use soap! It only takes a few minutes! Change your clothes! If you only have a few pieces because you have limited cosplays for the weekend, try to spot clean them overnight in the sink (they sell packets of detergents specifically for handwashing in sinks, if you can find them), spray them down with Febreeze (try for one with a light scent [or unscented if they make it] rather than a heavily scented one), and let them hang up overnight to get rid of most funk lingering.

Really, some smell is unavoidable because of the sheer number of people, and if each one has even the tiniest bit of odor, it will add up, but please don't be that person who stinks up the entire con because they refuse to wash. Even a washcloth, some soap, and the con bathrooms are better than -nothing-.

Don't forget to pack your deo, either! If you do, there's a Walgreens just down the street, and I'm sure that the hotel mini shops sell some for forgetful travelers. Please use it!!

Light perfume is alright, but a lot of people are allergic, and i tmakes you smell worse if you use it to try to cover up your funk, so please only use enough to smell it when in a personal to intimate proximity. I shouldn't be able to smell either your perfume or your BO from halfway across the CC (I'm not allergic, but I am sensitive to certain scents that make me feel a bit sick, so please be corteous to those of us with sensitivities!).


And remember people, applying deodorant over your already smelly pits does not work. Clean those pits first! Really!



PROTIP: Bring your own soap/body wash, shampoo, and deodorant. Especially soap. Don't rely on the hotel's supply, especially if other people in your room are using it.


shower every day and old spice power.............look at you pit now back to me now back to your pat and back to me iam the pit your pit could smell like


shower is key! AMEN to all post MINUS the probably big guy/girl that is showers and being clean=p

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Also, even if you just use perfume/body spray to smell better do not overuse! If I had a nickle for ever cotton candy smelling person I'd be a millionaire! A light scent is fine but don't over do it. Just because you like it doesn't mean everyone else will too.
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... from an old "Fan Boy Funk" topic:


   If you just rode into town, after a ten hour road trip to Fanime with five of your friends in that small car without air conditioning, you may have Fan-boy Funk.

   If its day two of Fanime and you get on the elevator with a group of people, that immediately get off at the first available stop, leaving you behind, you may have Fan-boy Funk.

   If your over night kit consists of a comb, and cologne,  you might have Fan-boy Funk.

   "Why do birds suddenly disappear, every time you are near?"  It's not a bad omen,  you may have Fan-boy Funk.

   When you walk thru the concourse,  do people keep checking the bottoms of their shoes?   Then you may have Fan-boy Funk.

   If on Sunday your still wearing the same clothes you wore on Thursday,  you may have Fan-boy Funk.

   If you pulled an all-nighter in the hentai room,  you may have Fan-boy Funk.
   That vendor in the dealers room you just bought that DVD from with tears in his eyes.  Were those tears of joy over a cash purchase, or is it  Fan-boy Funk?

   If you are in a video room, watching the second story in  Katsuhiro Otomo's "Memories", do people turn around and point at you?   Then you may have Fan-boy Funk.

   If you haven't bathed since Wednesday,  you may have Fan-boy Funk.

   If people start saying to you "You stink!",   GET A CLUE!!!  YOU'VE GOT FAN-BOY FUNK!

So remember boys, and girls: "Attend, don't offend."

This pretty well stands up today, except for the DVD reference could be updated to "Blu ray or DVD"  : P


Some people clearly don't socialize as much as one should and know that just because it doesn't smell bad to you, it beats the "animal stuffing!" Out of others on a daily! Been a victim to the no shower movement 2 today. One in front of the elevator and once getting through the doors of the lines.


I was like o.O when walking through crowds.

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I caught the most horrid fanboy stank while I was cosplaying. Not only that, he tried strumming my guitar after I said no when he asked me. Rude! Fanime should try to have a tiny flyer in their bags that come with the programming that have

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yeah, either shower before you head out, or before you go to bed.

as Jennie Breeden of Devil's Panties says; "Soap! the anti-girl repellent!"


Quote from: Nina Star 9 on May 22, 2012, 11:43:27 AM
^ The only thing worse than fanboy/girl funk is fan funk AND Axe. Axe is bad enough on its own, I don't want BO on top of that, thank you.

LMAO! This made my year.


This year I was hit by the bo in quick intervals when walking through the crowds. Luckily that meant the really bad odor was only there for a second. Although a very long second.

Just remember, I have a hose. And I will find you.


I noticed at least for me as the weekend went on the fan stank got worst. And by the end wow, I wondered how many fans had actually taken a shower.
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Poland or hungary- Hetalia
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admittedly, there is the issue of the outfits being rather heavy or not breathing well. also only a few places in the con center have AC. by no means is this an excuse, just a contributor