Checking in earlier than proposed check-in time?

Started by LordMoufMouf, May 23, 2012, 09:00:04 PM

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Marriott told us that check-in time on Friday would be around 3pm.

Is this set in stone? If you arrive earlier, is possible to get into your room earlier?

Thank you!


From my experience, you can still check in early, BUT they won't open the room to you until 3pm.
There have been a couple instances where they let you in just a bit earlier, but not by much.
You can try and ask, but they really try to keep it fair by keeping it for everyone until 3pm roughly.
I mostly check in at the Marriott so that's what I know about it.
Hope it helped.

Also if you check in early, you can have your stuff on a dolly to be wheeled in at a later time and it will be tagged and put into a safe area watched by the employees.


Every year I've went(6 years) they've let me check in and enter the room early. Last year The marriot let me in at 10am. The year before that I got my hilton room at 11. It normally just depends if they have the room open or not.


It all depends on if the room is ready or not.  When my roommate and I checked in last year at the Hilton at 2, the room was ready despite it being an hour before the official check-in time.  I told the person at the desk I was shocked (in a good way), and they told me they had cleared the rooms out early in anticipation of con attendees =).  Sooo, no harm in trying to check in early and seeing what happens!


i called in a few days earlier and marriott hotel said they will allow early check ins but only if the room thats fit for your needs is available early. they said you can try calling around 10 am and theyll let you know if your room is available for early check in... i normally check in early every year though, but i normally check in on fridays.


Hotels will usually allow you to check in early if the room is available. Depends on their policies. The may also tell you that one is available and let you check in but ask that you wait an hour before going in so house keeping can get it ready.


Thank you so much for all the great advice and stories! If we arrive earlier than 3, we'll ask to check in early if possible. :)


Thank you too. Was going to ask the same thing.