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It'd be great if there was a map of the Dealer Hall and Artist Alley with the names of vendors and artists on them with the table. Just in case people are trying to remember their names and where they are. It would be incredibly useful if we got that every year, I'm trying to find the name of a booth but I just can't remember!


It was my first time attending fanime con, and I enjoyed it. Any issues i had were not with the con, but with some people who attended which of course is no ones fault. Over all I enjoyed it and thank you for bringing Chiba <3


Ah Fanime was pretty good for me I went to the swap meet which was pleasant and the first time I ever attended it, this year the only con was the registration line I never remembered waiting that long before unless my memory jumbled. Also not too sure where to post this but I had commissioned a digital piece from an artist at the artist alley this year, she even has my phone number and email and yet she hasn't contacted me at all. I desperately did try finding her deviant art and tumblr, but I keep finding her friends who just gives me her email-so I emailed her back and no answer yet. Even contacted her tumblr but it looks like she's not active there. I don't want to leave a bad report of her cause she did show me progress and  :-[ was nice.
I found a picture of her table, I think she shared it with her friend but all I remember is she sold a reimu print.
Her table was on the left side which looks like where the ao no exorcist, KH print if you look closely. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post it!


I've always enjoyed hentai night, but people really need to be notified not to take it seriously. Like a staff member making that announcement right before people enter. We've had a few years where people would "ssh" people around them because they are trying to "pay attention". This year, somebody actually turned around and told my friend "shut the f*** up!". For goodness sake, you watching porn!
So yeah. You'd think it would be obvious to laugh during this event but some people are just that dense.


thanks for the feedback, can we keep it to that and leave conversation to other areas. thanks!
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first off... this was my first big con, and overall i had a great time!!

- lots of awesome cosplayers.. i even got a pic with D. Piddy!!
- watching the marvel vs dc cosplay gathering. lots of fun...
- amv hell.. omg this was awesome!! i now own all of them
- gaming room. everything about this.
- hentai night. found some rather interesting stuff, and the hand checks were funny
- clockwork alchemy.. walked around as Gir that day.. mainly got recognized there.  the belly dancing was fun
- quick replies on twitter. driving down late from sacramento. asked if day zero events were badged and got a quick reply. made me very happy
- the 2 volunteers i met wearing wrestling shirts (one with the daniel bryan 'yes' shirt and the other guy who wore the edge shirt and the zach ryder shirt).. thanks for letting me take your pics!!

- reg line. i think we only waited about 3-4 hours, but the group around us were rather friendly. plus i got pics of some cool cosplayers
- the sports cosplay meetup i think on friday or saturday. we only had about 4-5 people. we got our pics taken (can't find where they were posted.. i was the female cm punk) and that was bout it.
- the drunk people. rather annoying.
- no flyers about close food places in pre-reg bags. had to ask around, but thankfully i got good info.
- the swap meet. walked into the smaller room and wandered. got a zim poster for 50 cents.. went to get into the bigger room. line was MASSIVE!! yeah, didn't last there.

overall was fun. only checked out 1 panel (zelda timeline due to 2 friends really being into the game), the amv hell stuff and hentai nights. also the belly dancing lessons (that i had a hard time finding).
lots of delicious foods..
overpacked on food.. lol..

also.. sax dude.. you rocked!! had lots of fun wandering the halls at night.

- maybe have aa & da open later?
- anything for pre-reg. though i do like the plastic badges.
- if a time is changed on something, post on twitter/fb as well?
- less confusing signs for cosplay meetups? that code was confusing.. and posting when they're happening in big areas..
- i heard about some confusion on peace bonding.. maybe clarifying that to everyone might help

congrats to everyone who helped though... totally coming back for 2013!! already know what 2 cosplays i'm doing!!
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-SWAP-MEET LOCATION Can you please move it back to the convention center? I didn't go to the swap meet at all, due to the far location away from the convention center.

-registration (sorry i know this is well known) maybe fanime should make up for it this year in some way as an apology? I know tons of people who had 4 day badges including myself who didn't even get use out of all 4 days.

-STAGE ZERO- THE STAGE ITSELF IS NOT GREAT I did a performance on stage zero, and is it possible to have a better quality temporary stage?

-Guests can fanime please get more industry guests that are illustrators or character designer base? It'd be great to have more guests that have a huge part of the characters conception or artists of series in general


-MASQUERADE Well-run by Marisa I hope fanime can find just as good of a coordinator as her.

Dealers hall great vendor selection~
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PROS: EVERYTHING, I miss the Steampunk works, hope its back again!

CONS: being told I cant bring any sort of airsoft/nerf/water/lights weapon! yet if you take a look at my facebook fanime album, you can clearly see people with them!


Dance was a blast!
Hentai room was great.
Events were free

There wasn't much to do.
The smell in some room was just unbearable, there should be some BO awareness.
Rovers at night thought everyone was on drugs or something.
People working the con didn't know anything outside the con. I asked them where I could find a Bank of America and some sort of corner store and they couldn't tell me cause they didn't know. Plus where they were at said info.

More nightly activities
Helpful staff
Rovers need to take a chill pill
Febreeze or something to get the smell of must out of the air.
Do something about all the sleeping people in the hallway.
Cooler themes

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Quote from: squitwert on January 21, 2013, 07:52:59 PM
People working the con didn't know anything outside the con. I asked them where I could find a Bank of America and some sort of corner store and they couldn't tell me cause they didn't know. Plus where they were at said info.

Was this someone at an Info Desk? Or just a random staff member?
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Saki Usagishi

First Off Happy 2013!!!
This is going to be a long post about 2012 from me!!! So sorry in advanced! T^T

*Really good turn out of cosplays.
*Good use of space during the construction of our convention center and near by areas.
* THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BACK THE POCKET GUIDE!!! That was fantastic! Do it again for 2013!!!
* Liked how the Black and White Ball was in a huge space. Lots of dance room and space to chat.
*Good after hours entertainment.
*Liked the sewing room to fix cosplay, and just to have a breather.

Negatives: ( This where things get detailed! c:)
*Day Zero.....That was just a huge nightmare like always but OH MY GOKU!!! 2012 was the worst ever pre-reg badge pick up. I know it wasn't all Fanime's fault, but it was just unacceptable. The line on Thursday was crazy long like every year, but 2012 you waited even longer because first was system crash and then power outage. Definitely recommend that 2013 they prepare for the worst and maybe make more lines than just one huge long one. (side note: happy that they kept passing the badges to please the masses, and passed out free water bottles to keep us hydrated. Thank you!)

*Music Fest....I can't even describe it because I saw no point in going because it was that bad. You had FLOW for 2 years come and perform!!! FLOW!!!! Me and my husband went to watch the Hatsune Miku Concert near Psycho Donuts to be entertained, and paid $15 each to see it! The Miku people said Fanime didn't want them to perform in concert. I expect Fanime to top itself every year with amazing singers. Fanime has had numerous well known and loved performers in the past, and just was unbearable. Bring FLOW back!!! At least they will entertain me, rather than some clown throwing crackers (idk I heard he threw crackers into the audience)

*Locations... A couple of things moved around in 2012. The swap meet was held in the Fairmont which seemed like a bad move because: lots of people didn't know where it was, what room it was located, and the room was very cramped. (There was two guys with a sign to show where but they seemed to mostly goof off and talk and then occasionally yell "swap meet go here!!!") Secong switch was the Black and White Ball. Normally it's held in the Fairmont ,where I stayed, so me and my husband walked the halls all over in out spiffy attire to find it with other couples. We asked everyone and their mother (literally) where the ball was. We used smart phones to call friends and check updates on the website. Finally a friend said it was across the street. The only way you would have found it was by the balloons attached to posts, and sadly lots of people took the balloons. When we left the ball later on we had to direct a lot of couples how to get there. ( side note: One of my friends from a friend couldn't enter because of her shoes. I'd just like to point out we all can't be Cinderellas and make glass slippers appear. SO if you say flats are ok don't suddenly change your mind.) Also another thing I didn't like was how confusing it was to find the coslay gatherings. I had no clue where they were located. I saw a board in the sewing room with times and stuff, but even the operator of that room couldn't help me find the gathering I wanted (lolita tea party?). It was really hit or miss. Which made my husband, the photographer, grumpy because the one gathering he wanted to see he couldn't find at all O_O

Food....I'm glad I never eat at the Con. Heard that food was over $6 a piece. Kinda sad though that they didn't have coupons for near by places like they did in 2011.

Hotels....2012 was mine and my husband's first time staying at a hotel for Fanime because we actually live in San Jose O - O
We wanted to experience the night life rather than going back and forth from families homes and wasting gas. No problems with the hotel really. Just minor miscommunication on check in, but it was ok. The elevator was hell on Monday for everyone I think. One thing that was kinda bad was how the baggage hold line for one of the hotels bleed into the bottom level of the convention. It was terrible being pushed and shoved trying to exit a side door to the street.

ROVERS...Most of them are very polite and helpful, but some of them are You would ask them a question and they just wouldn't have any idea in the world. Some of them were real jerks though. I know that badge checking is necessary but if your hurting the person yanking on the badge to forcibly take it out of the sleeve O_O Also I didn't like the weird questioning at the dances. Like: "what's your first name, last name, badge name?", "How many fingers am I holding up?", "2+2=?", and more crazy questions. Not everyone drinks before the dance so I don't think there should be like a makeshift alcohol test with random questions. Just card people like hentai nights, and take away their food and liquids.

Artist Alley... There was good artists there, but it wasn't as great as years before. I remember seeing a couple of empty tables there. I talked to the amazing Jeff Thomas, creator of Pon and Zi, and he said he was super lucky he got a table! His stuff is famous!!!! I just think it could of had more artists. I even seen some people sitting on the floor near walls trying to sell their artwork because they weren't able to get a table.

Timing....I found myself trying to kill time a lot during Fanime 2012. I had to wait usually a couple hours for a panel or video room I wanted to see. Then on the other hand I was literally torn between choosing which to miss to do something else. I do recommend that autograph sessions be schedule like an hour or 2 after the Guests panel because I know I would want to hear what they say, but then go wait I want to get them to sign my book too!!!!

Just some last thoughts to sum up 2012.

2012 was good, but to me it just wasn't great. It wasn't on par with the previous years. It felt like it just wasn't organized right. Things were really late all around. I wish that they had more well known guests and more descriptions of their work. The music has to be higher grade artists again. FanimeCon is known for being one of the largest anime conventions, and it needs to own up to that title. If it doesn't step up it's game it will loose con goers to AX, or even dare I say it SacAnime.(Never been to either but AX is supposed to be the best, besides Fanime, and SacAnime is starting to get bigger) I really want 2013 to be the best, and know you all do to! Me and my husband even say 10 years down the road we want to take our kids there to enjoy it together >3<
So keep making it better!!! <3

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Quote from: SOawesomeness on May 30, 2012, 05:31:47 PM
Quote from: chifunii on May 30, 2012, 05:28:38 PM
Oh yes, though this is probably very trivial in comparison to the other feedback that's been left thus far, I was wondering if this would be possible for next year:
oh i was not aware of this. This is actually pretty important to me as well for you guys to have. Ill make a note of it and hopefully The system will have it implemented next year.

I'm wondering, now that registration is up, will something like this be implemented this year...?
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ok i know my feedback is a tad late lol but i just want to say my experince of fanime 2012 was good.  Got to see a lot more cosplayers and love going into the dealers room! the only thing that i would have to say is that musicfest was a great let down, i would have guess you guys would have someone who was well know to the anime/jpop comunity like someone like FLOW and yuya but overall i had a great time and im excited to come to this year! ;D 


Quote from: chifunii on January 24, 2013, 08:08:32 PM
I'm wondering, now that registration is up, will something like this be implemented this year...?
Ewu reminded me of this last night. I'll work on this, but it's on my radar! Thanks for the reminder. ^______^
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Well this review is late, and I'm not going into detail with topics that were already brought up.


  • Yay! for the return of pocket schedules!
  • Cosplay turnout was brilliant
  • Like always the dealers hall is awesome.
  • This year the staff were very helpful and nice (A+ in my book)
  • OMG the Q/A panel for Igaguri Chiba was small and the turnout was disappointing...however!!!
    The organization and the freedom to actually comfortable talk and ask questions with the artist was AMAZING!
    I remember when Yoshiki had a Q/A panel (2011) and it was awful (but I love Yoshiki <3), the staff was
    rude (don't get me started with the press) and you can only ask certain questions. With Chiba there was a
    different atmosphere it was more relaxed and the Q/A's was fun! so defiantly a plus!


  • Waiting in line for 8 hrs to get a badge (nuff said)
  • Some panels and parts of the dealers hall smelled like BO. I will never get why people don't shower before going to con it isn't healthy :-X
  • The ball was really dropped with MusicFest! Yeah I'm not going to drag on how rushed the performances were, or how dead the crowd was during Chiba's performance. Or how it seemed like a big bummer to show the music guest that couldn't make it to Fanime. But I think the main two items that made musicFest bad for me was: 1) Sunglasses and items of doom! One of the backup dances threw his sunglasses into the crowd (luckily it didn't hit anyone, or else that wouldn't have been good  :-[) One of his items was a towel, which was cool except in the process of catching it I get an elbow to the head by some guy who ran from the other end of the row (probably an accident, but it left a lovely bruise). Crackers.... ???. 2) They said that items for the artists that couldn't make it would be available to buy at the con, only problem no one knew where? I ended up finding out on Monday were it was and by that time it was to late.

So overall this con seemed OK, but compared to 2011 it was certainly a step backward :(. However, I will be attending Fanime 2013!
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Quote from: Zero on February 25, 2013, 08:05:32 PM2) They said that items for the artists that couldn't make it would be available to buy at the con, only problem no one knew where? I ended up finding out on Monday were it was and by that time it was to late.

I know a lot of people have said that they didn't know where goods were being sold, but after the video messages were shown at the beginning, the MC told everyone (twice) where goods for those people could be bought. Or did you miss the beginning of MusicFest?
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