"Did you take my Photo?" Unofficial Official thread for Fanime 2012

Started by TheGhostyBear, May 27, 2012, 04:57:42 PM

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Im still trying to find the one guy who went around the pre-reg line and took everyone's photo and who said he was "The Official Fanime Photographer". I kinda of really want to see his photos..

FanimeCon Cosplay 2013


I've been looking everywhere for pics of me as Super Sailor Venus  >.<
I was at the Sailor Moon gathering and a few photographers stopped by to take picutes of me and Hava as Sailor Moon!  I was the Venus wearing high platform heels X3
This is the only cosplay that I don't have many pictures of since I had to change into Raibow Brite shortly after!
Please let me know if you have any pics of me or me with Hava as Sailor Moon~  she was also wearing super tall platform shoes!

Here's a pic of me from facebook in case you need a memory jog^.~
Fanime 2013 cosplay~

*Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn- Friday and Saturday
*Marceline the Vampire Queen- Saturday
*Briar Rose- Sleeping Beauty peasant version- Sunday
*Super Sailor Venus-  Sunday or Monday


Quote from: xichisex on July 02, 2012, 10:54:49 PM
Im still trying to find the one guy who went around the pre-reg line and took everyone's photo and who said he was "The Official Fanime Photographer". I kinda of really want to see his photos..

You should ask if anybody took pictures of "The Official Fanime Photographer".


hey there! I'm looking for the pictures of the Assassins Creed gathering AFTER we all moved. i can't seem to find any- please post if you have any or know where they are! thanks!
where the Death Scythes kept?
see me at DA as well. ><


Hey I cosplayed as Sailor Saturn(shoulder length black hair, mainly purple for those of you who confuse sailor scouts' names) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and a lot of people took pictures but I've found barely any online....soooo would be cool :P to find some pix, if you happen to see shtuffs on some site.....or from the sailor moon gathering too......yeaaaaa



Quote from: Vasyenka on May 28, 2012, 11:17:19 AM
I'll probably come back and put in some pics with the descriptions, lol!

Thursday: Hazel (Amnesia: The Dark Descent) - was with a Daniel
Friday: Ranmao (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler) - was with a Lau
             Vriska Serket (Homestuck) - was in the Gamzee panel that night, had a functional robo arm
Saturday: Justine Florbelle (Amnesia: The Dark Descent/Justine DLC) - was with a Monster!Suitor, who looked like a person with their eyes gouged out~
                Young Connor (Assassin's Creed III) - was with a Brotherhood Assassin Apprentice
Sunday: Prince Ludwig (Ludwig Kakumei/Ludwig Revolution) - was with a Princess Friederike/Sleeping Beauty
Monday: Will probably be Ludwig again, then changing to Sirius Black (Harry Potter). Will be with a Marauder's Era group.

The most pictures we got taken of us was on Saturday night, because my giant living prop of a monster kept scaring people, ha ha! If anyone has pictures of the above, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you! <3

i may have got u. i got one connor. not sure- look in here
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I cosplayed as "She Hulk" on Sunday, and would love to know if anyone has a pictu-ARRRGHH!!AUURRHHHGHGGGHH!L!!L!L HULK WANT PHOTO GIVE HULK PHOTO NOW OF SEXY GREEN BABE ARRGHHHHH

:D thank you!

Found this while browsing Mr.Muggles album:



Alas, thank you!...but that one isn't me! :(

I was wearing a purple crop top, gray booty shorts, and somewhat resembled the skanky offspring of the Jolly Green Giant.

..so if anyone saw a scantily clad, bright green She-Hulk, let me know if you have pictures! ^_^

Is this you?

HELL YEAH, THAT'S ME! Thank you so much!


this is kinda late, but did anyone take a photo of Steve from Blue's Clues? reference photo is my icon :)


Hey are the official pictures going up anytime soon? It would be cool to see what the official photographers had gotten together O_o


I might be late in asking if anyone took my photo but I'll just go ahead and ask if anyone did xDD
I cosplayed as a modernized Toph from A:TLA
Here are some photos of me:


Thank you all in advance! ^///^
Thursday: Short Round
Friday: Hani/Honey - OHSHC (Maybe)
Saturday: Four-Eyes - RE:ORC
Sunday: Aladdin - Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Monday: Undecided


i got a bunch of random pics.. i got a dr. doofenschmirtz w/perry, calvin and hobbes, hunny from OHSHC, the random wrestling shirts and wrestling cosplayers, lots of Deadpool, a lady gaga, Sax guy, and lots of others..

feel free to browse!

i was Gir (shown in the pics), fem cm punk, cat maid, and Misa from Death Note.
probable Fanime 2013 cosplays:
Deadpool (some version)
Grumpy Cat


I noticed a number of "official" Fanime photographers... are these photos posted anywhere??
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