The 2012 Fanime Panels Feedback Thread!

Started by BenihimeSama, May 28, 2012, 12:53:12 AM

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Greetings to all panel fans!

First of all we the panels staff wish to thank you for coming this weekend not only to the convention, but for being a part of our panels experience! We know this year was a little difficult for some and may have required a little more patience than normal. But your patience made our weekend and hopefully your weekend great!

This thread is to share any ideas and hopefully good reports to our team to help us improve in the future. We do want to note a few things:

1) We did our best to accomodate any issues with registration and picking up badges, but please understand that anything that had to do with registration is not our department. Please do not vent about registration issues here.

2) If there is a specific note you wish to leave for certain panels and they have a thread already, feel free to leave a message there as well, so that the panelists can get that feedback specifically as this will be mostly maintained by staff members.  

3) Clockwork Alchemy panels are totally welcome (and encouraged) to be highlighted here! If there was one you saw that you think we should add next year, let us know!!

4) We know that there were a few panels that were in such high demand that we could not seat everyone. We will be discussing options for next year for those special big panels.

5)  If you are a panelist and you have something you wish to address concerning your panel, please feel free to email us directly at so that we can address your issues in private.

6) Express your concerns, but don't be a jerk please? Thanks :D

Off you all go! And thanks again for coming to visit us in panels land! We look forward to seeing you next year!
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I really enjoyed the Millinery Straw Flowers panel at Clockwork Alchemy and would love to see it again next year. :)


The Awesomely Bad J-Music Videos Panel was HILARIOUS.
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Firefury Amahira

Death by Fanfiction was amazingly hilarious. Also served as a really good reminder of why my sister and I do our fanfic workshops!  ;D
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Fennel's Late Night Dreamworld was hands down the best panel I went to all weekend. I hope they do it again next year. ; u;


The Milinery Straw Panel was pretty awesome as well. We had so many new panels this year, it was good to see all of them be very positive! We are also pleased with the turnouts for Fanfiction Panels and Fennel's Late Night Dreamworld, which was a great panel about Pokemon.

Our Awesomely Bad J-Videos is a returning panel, methinks that you guys like bad things so much that we just have to keep em coming!

Keep the notes coming guys!
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Just admit it: Otakus just do it better.


The Sewing Basics for Cosplay and Live Sewing Demo were AWESOME, and really helped a lot!

Also, the Cult(ure) of Hatsune Miku was very entertaining, and I'm glad I went!


Hey everyone! If you have feedback about panels, we'd really love to hear it! However, please leave your comments in the official 2012 feedback thread here:,17422.0.html

Or feel free to leave feedback about specific panels in their specific threads within this forum! <3

Thank you!

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