A DJ At Fanime: A Mobile Excursion

Started by Jesse Uppercut, May 28, 2012, 06:52:29 PM

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Jesse Uppercut

First and foremost, I want to thank all the people who supported my endeavor this year, I did not expect such a warm reception. My only hope was to create a positive enivorment for people to enjoy while attending the convention in passing. My goal was to compliment Fanime 2012 with music that reaches everyone uniquely, creating a positive state of mind while boosting morale.

To the Fanime Rover Staff who were particularly understanding regarding the music and gathering, offering suggestions on how to keep things productive, safe and eventful, I sincerely appreciate it. It was always my intention to work together and cooperate in order to keep things safe and fun.

I apologize to those who made requests that I could not fulfill entirely, I had an exceptionally high request volume and did my best to entertain the wants of all those who asked.

Lastly, to all those who stopped to listen, offer support, high five and just DANCE, thank you. Without you, there would not have been any hype or set, it's all of that positive energy and feedback that makes it all worth while. Until next time, I wish everyone the best and hope that you enjoyed the convention!
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My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the songs you've played. We even danced to some. ~ You had done as much requests as you can. You did a pretty good job by my book.


Good stuff Jesse! Definitely the highlight of my fanime experience!

If anyone took footage of the dancers on saturday or sunday, I'd definitely like to see it!