Fanimecon 2012 cosplay pics

Started by TMorita, May 28, 2012, 10:29:17 PM

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Luna Scamander My friend's fanime stuff, he's our groups photographers, finally got around to putting pictures up.  You may need to like his page before you can see stuff, but I don't think he set that.


I just posted pics from the Shugo Chara gathering!
These are from my Photographer friend of AQS photography~

If you were there then feel free to friend me so that you can view them all. ;)
Fanime 2013 cosplay~

*Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn- Friday and Saturday
*Marceline the Vampire Queen- Saturday
*Briar Rose- Sleeping Beauty peasant version- Sunday
*Super Sailor Venus-  Sunday or Monday


Omg, there is my friend sylvia. (the growlith) ^^