The Fanime 2012 Hotel Feedback Thread

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Which Hotel Did You Stay At?

Hyatt Place
St. Claire
Holiday Inn/Wyndham
Raddisson Inn
Other--Please note in comments


Hotel Name: Fairmont

Would You Book Next Year: If I can't get the Hilton or Mariott, then of course!

-Huge rooms! I was pleasantly surprised. We had a room of girls who don't pack lightly, an we were all very comfortable. We actually all fit in the bathroom to do our makeup and hair and talk
-Very close to restaurants and cafes
-I had no problems with housekeeping, they cleaned very nicely (around our hoards of stuff)
-Staff was very friendly!
-Close to parkside hall and the black and white ball! It made my walking in heel adventures shorter
-No horrible waits for elevators on Monday morning
-If you can afford it, breakfast at the hotel restaurant is great.

-A bit of a walk from the convention center. Not too bad, but not very fun when you come back at 4 in the morning.
-The use of card keys for the elevator was annoying. I get it on the door for security reasons, but for the elevator just made things difficult because if you didn't do it fast enough, it took you back to the groud floor.

Special Notes to Share: The Fairmont is great for those who want to be close to Fanime, but far away enough to be able to take a break from crazy con people!


Hotel name:  St. Claire

Would you book next year: Yes, only if I can't get the Hilton.

* Check-in was quick
* Hotel was quiet. Can actually get some sleep. There was no rowdiness at all.
* Staff were nice.
* No issues with the elevators (ok there are only 6 floors but still)
* Rooms have a mini refrigerator
* Rooms have an electronic safe to store your valuables
* It's not the Marriott or Hilton but still very close to convention center. Just have to cross the street.
* Subway is very close by (if you like Subway)

* Rooms are small (it is an older hotel). Could be problematic if you have multiple cosplayers staying in the       
* Iron was not the best. Had a hard time getting rid of the wrinkles in my cosplay outfits

Special Notes to Share:
Like I said before, it's not the Marriott or the Hilton when it comes to being connected to SJCC but it's still very close. Actually, if you need to attend a panel in the Marriott, the St. Claire is closer to the panel rooms than the Hilton. I've stayed at the St. Claire the past two Fanimes because I couldn't get the Hilton. I like the St. Claire but I miss staying at the Hilton.


Stayed at Fairmont on Thursday, then Hyatt Place rest of week.  First time at Fanime.

Hotel Name:  Fairmont
Would You Book Next Year:  Not first choice, but not last.
1.  Superb service (but maybe just because I checked in while President Obama was in the building?).
2.  Location has lots of quick service food right outside doors. (Johnny Rockets, some Chinese fast food, Tandori Place, etc.)
1.  Valet was $26 per night.  Fast service, but pricey compared to my second hotel. *down*
2.  High $100-a-night deposit, compared to my second hotel.  *down*
Special Notes to Share:
1.  I've stayed in further hotels at other conventions, so this walk wasn't terrible.  But for someone who has many gatherings & costume changes, it can be a bit irritating.  But it certainly isn't a deterrent.  5 minutes tops, including the two crosswalks.

Hotel Name:  Hyatt Place
Would You Book Next Year:  Yes, first choice.
1.  Location, location, location.  Just 1.5 minute walk (in high-heels!!) tops, to enter front or Hilton side entrance.   
2.  Parking (self) was just $9-ish per day, and they did not charge me extra for the hours I parked after checking out and spending Day 4 at convention center.
3.  Elevator was not dismal.  Waited about 5 minutes at most on a Saturday afternoon, but that is because 1 elevator out of 3 was out.  Check out was not terrible either, because I planned ahead and checked out early before any rush.
4.  Price was superb!
5.  Room wasn't as tragic or tiny as I was expecting.  Don't know if they secretly upgraded me, but I had a mini-fridge and full sized couch that one of my girls slept on.
6.  Was able to check in immediately early Friday morning (10AM?).
6.5.  Management slipped bill & check-out statement under door early morning, so I didn't actually have to do anything such as call in or wait in a line.
7.  As for noise, our room was close to elevator so you could hear attendees coming back at night, but it wasn't enough to bother me.  I'm sure it's worse at Hilton/Marriott?
8.  Unless I was not paying attention, I don't think they charged a deposit.  If they did, it was not enough to corrupt my debit card account. : )
1.  None worth complaining about. Maybe except that the stairs supposedly start at the 2nd floor and are closed for emergency use only?  But we can blame fire marshal or structure engineers on that. 
Special Notes to Share:
1.  I think the only thing that might be a downer is the elevator situation, but honestly, if you just plan ahead and avoid the rush times, you should be fine. 
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Hotel Name: Marriot

Would You Book Next Year:  Yes

Pros: Conveniently attached to the convention center, high quality room, helpful staff.

Cons:  Broken elevators on the last day.  Expect crowding every day.

Special Notes to Share:  On the last day, some stuck up harpy on the elevator said it was full when it wasn't, and wouldn't move to let people on, resulting me having to walk down the stairs from the 22nd floor after having waited 20 minutes.

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Touya no Miko

Quote from: Affliction on June 04, 2012, 08:34:21 PM
Quote from: Touya no Miko on May 31, 2012, 01:09:09 PM.
In addition, while this isn't the hotel's fault at all, we were on the 14th floor which seems to be the PARTY floor. A drinking party was going on next door. Con goers and even fanime staff members were crammed in this standard room, getting drunk, being noisy, and spreading their body heat outside our door. It felt like a sauna made from human heat. EW. D: I wished the Marriott staff had come in to settle things down earlier instead of waiting for hours.

Omg I Heard that too! Same floor but we were lucky to have our room be directly next to the ice machine so weren't as close to the room in question. The noise wasn't too bad until a large group of them started running up and down the hallway and talking EXTREMELY loudly. My husband was literally five seconds away from calling the lobby when they finally got on that elevator they were waiting for.

We were right next to this room. There were times when hotel staff would come to OUR room because we were making too much noise. Which was odd since we hardly had that many roommates and most of the time we were quiet. I guess if you have a suite you're labeled as a party room.
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Hotel Name: Mariott

Would You Book Next Year: Unless my friends decide otherwise, yes!

-Excellent front desk service. It is incredibly easy to call them for help. No one in our hotel room knew anything about staying in a hotel room (all teens, checked-in by parent), but we were able to call for extra towels or bedding, no problem and free of charge!
-Friendly and helpful staff
-Discounted valet parking! I have no idea if it was a mistake or not, but the price was half of what we expected to pay nightly. My friends were pleasantly surprised.
-Close proximity to con and Artist Alley made my life a hell lot easier lugging my merchandise every day. It was safer to go back to our rooms at night than walking outside and across the street.
-You can use the coffeemaker to make cup noodles. ;D Just remember to pick up chopsticks or forks beforehand.
-This was mostly or the lolz, but we got an excellent view of the Fairmont park and all the gatherings and events they held there. :D
-There's a filtered water machine in the gym on the 3rd floor with unlimited, free refills. My friends and I would just grab a bottle and bring it down there to refill it after we left our room and before we returned. Just make sure you have your room key to access the room.

-Elevators, Elevators, Elevators. Two of them broke down before Monday, so check-out was a nightmare. I IMPLORE PEOPLE ON FLOOR 10 OR LOWER, PLEASE USE THE STAIRS IF THE ELEVATORS ARE BUSY AND YOU DON'T HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION PREVENTING YOU FROM DOING SO. The people on the high floors really need the elevators! (Coming from someone who walked up and down the stairs from floor 2 to 20 five times the whole convention. With heavy luggage.)
-My friends and I didn't care much about it, but there was no microwave or fridge, but I think some people like that feature.
-Again, we didn't care since we all have iPhones -trollface- but the internet was apparently not too great?
-The bathroom doors were sliding only, with no locks. I'm sure if you remember to knock before entering though, that shouldn't be a major problem.

Special Notes to Share: Up is the new down, and down is the new up. At the Mariott, take the first elevator that opens to you with space. Trust me, you won't regret it. Also, if you're on floor 10 or lower, use the stairs. I guarantee at busy hours, you will be faster than the elevator.

Firefury Amahira

Hotel Name: Hilton Garden Inn San Jose/Milpitas

Would You Book Next Year: Yes, if other options in the same area don't pan out

-Inexpensive- we got our room for $68/night. Split three ways, the hotel cost per person for the whole convention was $107.
-Room had mini-fridge and microwave
-Right near 99 Ranch, a Micheal's (good for emergency cosplay repair supplies), and a couple of other restaurants.
-Room was clean and quiet.
-Late checkout time (12:00pm. Since we got back to our room at almost 4am the morning we were leaving, we were able to get a late check-out at 1pm at no extra cost.)
-Complimentary internet access.
-Good service, with amenities information clear and easy to find.
-... Apparently some rooms have a king bed and sofa instead of the two doubles, as well as a jacuzzi tub.

-6 miles from the convention center, meaning you have to drive and deal with parking or sort out the public transit options. Short drive however, and generally we arrived early enough in the day to get the cheap $7/day parking.
-Regular double beds are a little cramped for sharing. I had one all to myself, however my sister and her husband had some trouble sleeping on theirs.
-Room was a little cramped with three people and convention luggage. Unless you spring for one of the king rooms, probably a bit too cramped for cosplayers to adequately store their gear.
-Breakfast downstairs isn't complimentary. (Don't know what the pricing was at the little cafe; we got most of our convention food supply at the aforementioned 99 Ranch.)

Special Notes to Share: The distance from the convention center is a little bit of a pro and a con. While yes, it was a bit of a hassle driving a couple of miles to/from the convention each day, it also meant that we were far enough away from the convention at night that we didn't have to deal with drunken partiers, crowded/broken elevators, or any of the general 24/7 noise of a convention hotel. Given the holiday weekend, the only time we really hit any traffic was on the way into town on Thursday afternoon/evening, and on the way out of town Monday afternoon; to/from the convention center the rest of the time was pretty much smooth sailing. (Well, Day 0 with all the traffic signals around the convention center out notwithstanding.)
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Hotel Name:

Would You Book Next Year:
Maybe (??)
I actually wanted the Hilton because I love the Hilton, but the Hyatt was nice too! So If the hilton is booked, then I'll probably stay at the Hyatt. : D

- STAFF was very nice and accommodating!
- Got free parking even though we had 2 cars cause we didn't get a double bedded room as was reserved. Which was nice of them!
- Mini-fridge in the room! Even though the housing said that there was no fridge, THERE WAS. 8D
- Very clean and nice interior of the hotel. It was pretty to take pictures down in their lounge area lol.
- Had breakfast (which we didn't wake up early enough to go to..LOL) and they also had a place to purchase food. It was expensive (as is the Marriot's) but we were ok with it because we were hungry and tired.
- Used the gym to work out at night, which was very nice because there was a temperature setting and hardly anyone was there.
- Bathroom was really spacious.
- Bed was very comfortable.
- Very quiet compared to the other hotels! I liked how they locked the doors at 6pm so only guests staying at the hotel could enter with the key card. Made it good for those of us staying there and didn't have to deal with random/loud people.
- Short distance to and from the con. I think the cop standing at the light was tired of seeing us go back and forth LOL
- Free wi-fi throughout the hotel : D Definitely a plus for us since we were googling up places to eat nearby.
- The con-goers in the hotel were also very friendly. With the bad elevator situations, they let us squeeze in even though it was already jammed (which I know is bad but it saved us another whole 10 min wait!)

- Elevator situation was horrible on Saturday. Literally had a huge line waiting outside. It eventually got better, but it was still a bother. Especially since our room was on the second floor =_= We were told the stairs dont go all the way to the first floor but they opened it on monday cause everyone needed to leave lol.
- Wish they had more blankets and pillows to accommodate us with, but it's ok since it was Hyatt's first year!
- BATHROOM DOORS DO NOT LOCK. I think this was the only thing I did NOT like about this hotel the most. We did get around to being ok with it eventually but it was still kind of weird especially since we had one guy and 6 girls. Definitely not a fan of huge sliding doors that look like you're changing in a dressing room.
- Wish the hotel had more mirrors. :/ Only 2 mirrors in the entire room: one long mirror next to the table and one in the bathroom.

Special Notes to Share:
If you have special needs when sleeping, definitely bring your own pillows and blankets. They ran out when we asked for some but we didn't mind. Their bathrooms don't lock so just be weary of that if you have privacy concerns.

Other than that it was a very nice and lovely hotel. I love the renovations they made to it.


Hotel Name:marriot
Would You Book Next Year: yes
Pros: -floor 6 corner room near the stairs
       -big and spacious and it was a single bedroom too! :D

-the people rooming next door to me were loud and rude!
if the people rooming next door to me somehow read this i have something to say: you are all a bunch of annoying assholes who needs to learn to show some respect to the people in the next room over. what do you accomplish by banging on the wall and screaming and partying at 3 in the morning? you might not need to sleep but i do. be a little more considerate to others

-sloooooowww elevators as always

- no freebies this year :(  fridge/free wifi

special notes: no lockable bathroom doors! >.<


I keep seeing bathroom doors not locking coming up as a "con" for the hotels.  What is the issue here?  If you can trust someone enough to sleep in the same room with you, wouldn't it be reasonable to trust they aren't going to surprise you in the bathroom while you're using it?  If that isn't the case, you may want to re-evaluate the type of people you associate with.
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Touya no Miko

Quote from: Amanojaku on July 11, 2012, 02:14:39 PM
I keep seeing bathroom doors not locking coming up as a "con" for the hotels.  What is the issue here?  If you can trust someone enough to sleep in the same room with you, wouldn't it be reasonable to trust they aren't going to surprise you in the bathroom while you're using it?  If that isn't the case, you may want to re-evaluate the type of people you associate with.

Some people just like a little security when going to the bathroom, nothing wrong with that. There's been a few times when we did have bathroom surprises(Marriott and their sliding bathroom doors, smh). I had a roommate in the past who didn't understand the meaning of "consideration". She had no problem barging in to brush her teeth, while one of my friends was on the john. Quite traumatizing I must say.
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Hotel Name:
Would You Book Next Year:
Planning on it!

  • It was connected!
  • Our room had a level view, 18th floor if I remember correctly.
  • Check in was simple, they didn't charge me a deposit..but I gave them the full amount for the hotel in cash. Plus turned off internet/room service.
  • The staff was extremely nice, they gave us an extra two blankets when asked because two out of four of us in the room prefer a cold room, so the others were nice and just piled blankets on.
  • The room was big enough for two cosplayers with multiple cosplays.
  • They offered us another nights stay for the con rate, which we all almost took up but one of our group had to be back on Monday.

  • The shower never got that hot, once it was the perfect temperature but it was at 3AM.
  • I had to take the stairs on Monday to go check out on time the elevators were bad.
  • No free wi-fi in the rooms.
Special Notes to Share:
This was my second year staying at a hotel, but my first staying at one so close to the convention. Even though it was cheaper to stay a hotel a few miles away, we saved money by not taking the light rail and we could stay as late as we wanted at the convention without worrying about having to walk in creepy parts of San Jose to get to our hotel. [/color]
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Hotel Name: Raddisson

Would You Book Next Year: If I can't get my first choice, yes.

Pros: Good price, rooms were very nice(two bedded room btw), comfy beds, good ac/heating and the bathroom had a fan(always good when 4 people are showering one after another, free parking.

Cons: Have to take the shuttle to the con center since its a good distance away(not that the shuttles were bad, met some very awesome people on those rides) but if your on a schedule for panels or gathering you can run late very easily if your not careful. Had a hard time getting into the parking garage, we literally got the last spot saturday night on the very top level.

Special Notes to Share: Its really not a bad choice if your okay with the shuttle and/or driving to and from the con everyday. Its right next to a bowling alley which was a fun break from the con atmosphere and right around the corner from a 7/11 when we ran out of milk.


Hotel Name: Marriott

Would You Book Next Year: Yes, if I can reserve on time that is, if I can't then Fairmont, Four Points, or Hilton

Pros: Connected to the convention center, Best hotel next to Fairmont in my opinion, Staff is super friendly and enthusiastic about conventions, great rooms, Easy check in/Check out

Cons: Elevators, Hotel sells out the fastest, no free parking, no free internet

Special Notes to Share: I have always had a great experience at this hotel and met a lot of friends attending who were staying in it, they have pulled through for me since 2010 and I hope they will for years to come


Fanime Veteran here, 2013 will be my 7th go around and I plan to go for as long as live in the area. I usually room with at minimum of 3 people and the most 6. I've been to the Fairmount, the Hyatt, and the Hilton and I figured I'd post my thoughts on all 3 of them here.

Hotel Name: Hyatt
Would You Book Next Year: Yes this is my second choice but a CLOSE second, and it's most of my friends first choice.

Pros: First I love the parking situation, it makes check-in awesome. The decor is very modern and sleek and the renovation has greatly improved the lobby. The decor is definitely wonderful no doubt about it. Breakfast is cheap if you wake up early enough, about $5 per person and it's a good amount of food. It's SO CLOSE to the convention, S-Hall and where they are currently holding the Black and White Ball, seriously about a min walk to all of the above. I like the fact that it's not connected to the convention because the noise factor is cut down severely. The beds are pretty comfortable and there is a couch in each room now. There is free Wi-Fi and the number of guests is MUCH lower than the Fairmount or the Hilton so much quieter hallways and when the elevators are working less traffic. I love the check in it's super fast and check out is even better. You can open the windows slightly you want a breeze. also if you're on the higher floors you get a pretty great view of the Fairmount park. You can even here the bands that sometimes play there(IF you have the window open). The view on the other side of the building is the convention center which is AWESOME. Really great views all around. The bathrooms were quite nice. I like the fact that you can't enter the building late at night without a key card. Good ventilation over all, it never got stuffy.

Cons:They have refrigerators but when I went they weren't THAT cold. To be fair this was the second month after the renovation. The elevators, every time I go to the Hyatt I can almost guarantee that one of the elevators will break on Saturday, but if you plan ahead you can avoid it. Last year I'm sad to say was probably the worst when 2 elevators broke down on late Saturday and were like that till late Sunday. If you ABHOR walking even across the street than this hotel is not for you.

Special Notes to Share: The rooms can comfortably fit 4 people but I've seen 6 people manage to fit decently well. The closet space is smaller than at the Fairmount so if you have lots of cosplayers rooming together not a good idea. Also multi-cosplayers there are only 2 mirrors so I would not recommend. There's plenty of room in the closet otherwise. GREAT if you are going to the masquerade or concerts. I've seen a lot of the special guests while in this hotel.

Hotel Name: Fairmount

Would You Book Next Year: Yes, it's MY personal favorite. My friends disagree with me.

Pros: Again very great views, you can see the silicon valley and the park. There are plenty of great restaurants nearby:  a cute bakery, a bistro, johnny rockets, and a few others. by nearby I mean either DIRECTLY across the street or in the lower portion of the building. THEY HAVE A POOL!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE their bathrooms, by far the most spacious and luxurious of the hotels and GREAT for cosplayers. They give you a robe and they have a hairdryer in the room. The decor is my favorite of the hotels every part of the room, elevator, corridor, and lobby is gorgeous. The beds are comfortable and they have refrigerators. I think their TVs have great quality and it's SUPER easy to hook up a gaming station or dvd player. It's really great for watching all that anime you just bought at the convention. I can't remember off the top of my head if they offer a dvd player. The staff is very helpful if you arrive as soon as check in starts they have plenty of luggage carts. They have a big lounge chair which is comfortable enough to sleep in. Also if you're in a a single king size room you MAY request a second bed but be sure to do it fast otherwise the will run out. Very secure hotel. Rooms are pretty soundproof I've never had a problem with noisy neighbors. LOTS of closet space like 3 hardcore cosplayers will have enough room for their costumes. I can't guarantee room for major props.

Cons: To my knowledge no microwave.Watch out for the food in the rooms they charge it to your account if you pick them up. If you have kids that like to play with things beware. If you are in the main building the corridors get REALLY confusing cause they all look the same, not good if you're tired. It IS a walk to the convention center, but not for a party. Definitely a lot of people stay at the Fairmount so elevators get packed. I've noticed the Tower has faster elevators instead of the main building. The parking is expensive and kinda hectic on check out. But you have a spot. Using the key cards in the elevators gets complicated, you have to do it fast. It's quieter than the Hilton but not as quiet as the Hyatt.

Special Notes to Share:I feel like I should add that the decor of the Hyatt is comparable but a completely different feel. Also the fridge is stocked with alcohol and I put this in the special notes cause it's either a pro or con if you have minors. I went with a lot of my minor friends and it costs money to empty the fridge, which I think is unfair. The reason I had the fridge emptied was a promise to the parents so this just could just be me. Again comfortable for 4 people and at MAX have 6. The room size is almost the exact same as the Hyatt just differently planned out. Definitely out of all the hotels this is my favorite. Definitely for cosplayers it's the best hotel.

Hotel Name: Hilton

Would You Book Next Year: No, my least favorite.

Pros: Part of the convention center. Parking is very easy and cheap. Pretty views and one of the newer hotels it got remodeled two years ago(I haven't seen the new remodeled rooms). The beds are comfortable. The restaurants in the lobby are REALLY good if slightly pricy, but I should note you can visit them even if you aren't a guest. Lots of parties.

Cons:When I went the air conditioning was awful and the room was SO stuffy. It was hard to open the windows even a little bit. I was rooming with 4 other people. I hate the bathroom set up, not that much privacy and prefer a door that can lock. REALLY loud parties, the rooms aren't that sound proof and sounds carry. LOTS of activity in the halls. I sleep lightly so this hotel is awful for me. Check out is awful and if you do stay here try and get a lower room because the elevators are super busy.

Special Notes to Share: Great for people who prefer the late night events that happen in the convention center. Either be a late night partyer or a heavy sleeper.


^ Hilton has no lock on its bathroom door? News to me  ???
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Quote from: Barnes on December 04, 2012, 07:54:36 PM
^ Hilton has no lock on its bathroom door? News to me  ???

I thought that was the Marriott. The Hilton bathroom doors definitely lock.
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I see my last topic was deleted. Gonna make it short and sweet then. Stayed at the Marriott last year, first time in the many years since I've been coming to Fanime.

Laundry list of insanity:

First day: Checkin was at 11am. We arrived at 10:45 and had to wait until 5pm to be checked in. Never happened at any other hotel. The service was crap, the staff was rude, and we had to juggle rooms and floors to get anything despite already having paid. In the end they "Did us a favor" and gave us different rooms then we paid for on a floor reserved for pilots.

Last day: The Marriott REFUSED to let us load our car before we left on Valet until the INSTANT we had to leave. So for 20-30minutes while we unloaded our rooms we left luggage with them in the back storage room, which we were told was for storing luggage.

When we went to get our luggage to load into our car twenty minutes later, my wife's anniversary present (A large and expensive Charmander doll), and a cosplay fur coat (100ish bucks on ebay were gone). She LOVED that doll. We met at Fanime and the doll took two years to track down (They DO NOT make those damn things anymore). All the front desk had to say was "You'll probably never see it again."

So now my wife is crying. And I have to fill out a bunch of forms. I call every week for a couple months but nothing. I come into the hotel 3-4 weeks ago on business to follow up. They don't even know what I'm talking about. After some complaints I finally get an investigatory email from their corporate office. Admitting wrongdoing and trying to build a case. And now. AFTER ALL THAT. All I get is this email:

"There's a disclaimer on the claim check ticket that reads the following: "In consideration of the free storage of the property covered by this check the owner or person depositing same agrees: This establishment is not liable for the theft, loss, damage, or destruction of the property in the absence of gross negligence on the part of this establishment or its employees.  If the property is not called for within ten (10)days, this establishment shall have the right to assess reasonable charges for its storage and after sixty (60) days, shall have the right to see the property according to law."

We have no alternative but to disclaim liability for the loss you sustained, since there is no evidence to indicate that your loss resulted from the negligence of the Hotel or its staff.  As a gesture of good faith we would like to offer you a Marriott Travel Card valued at $100 that can be used at any Marriott property.  If you accept please reply to this email with your mailing address."

Seriously? First they say they'll reimburse me. Then they don't talk to me. Then they claim there IS no claim ticket. Then they want to reimburse me again. NOW, they say there is a claim ticket they claimed didn't exist, exonerating them because I Didn't call for my property. But they already admit they gave me a claims ticket within ten days because I reported my items missing immediately and called every week.

Screw the Marriott, don't ever go there.


Wow, that's really terrible, I'm sorry that happened to you :(

I've never stayed at the Marriott before but will definitely remember this if someone ever suggests it in the future.  The fact that the staff was so unhelpful and treated the situation with an attitude of "oh, it's just another person's lost stuff, who cares" is offensive to me, because I know how sentimental things can be and that they can't easily be replaced.  Shame on the Marriott for letting this situation happen!


Quote from: Topagae on January 28, 2013, 11:25:13 AM

Last day: The Marriott REFUSED to let us load our car before we left on Valet until the INSTANT we had to leave. So for 20-30minutes while we unloaded our rooms we left luggage with them in the back storage room, which we were told was for storing luggage.

It should be noted that the Marriott does not actually have very much say in the rules for their valet. It's a separate company that has a contract WITH the Marriott to offer it's services to the people who stay there, but the Marriott does not actually control what they do/say most of the time.

I also want to make note that while I'm TERRIBLY sorry that you're experience was awful - I think it's more of an exception of seriously unfortunate bits rather than an true reflection of the entire hotel or their staff. I've stayed with the Marriott for Fanime almost every year since 2004, and other than the occasional party in the hallway, I've never had any problems with hotel staff or their service. My room is always clean, the maid service is discreet and does a fantastic job, I even recommend their room service menu. Everyone at the front desk or on the phones for help has always been accommodating. When I arrived early - before check in - and my room wasn't ready, they even offered to hold my luggage and call my cellphone while I went to take care of the rest of my convention registration. They even had my luggage already waiting in my room by the time I picked up my room keys!

I'm really sorry you had such an awful experience, and I don't blame you for being angry. I just thought I'd offer some insight for everyone else considering where to stay for the convention.