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Started by otakuya, June 02, 2012, 06:20:18 AM

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Game: From whenever time you post, post where were you and what you were doing during Fanime week at that day and time, if you can remember.

For example; at this time of this post (6:20 am Saturday) at Fanime, I was in the e-gaming hall playing DanceManiax


9:37 AM Saturday
Getting dressed and preparing to go downstairs to wait in line for the Maid Cafe.
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10:57 on Saturday
I was frantically trying to get my wig to stay on my head.
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1:14PM Saturday I was out in the hallways near the gaming hall getting a picture taken
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1:59 pm Saturday, building my N7 Armor in the hotel room and pulling my hair out.


12:41 am early Sunday morning in the gaming room playing ninja


2:12 pm Sunday - Getting dressed in my Yamazaki (Gintama) cosplay for the Shonen Jump gathering (and urging my friend to get in her Maka Albarn cosplay so she could take pics for me!).
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11:15pm Friday had a small group of people cheering me on as I played Mike Tyson's Punch Out.
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Sunday, 12:15am - We won the "Most Likely to Get Arrested" Award during the Gong Show with our YOLO outfits.
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10:45 Sunday
Dancing at the Black and White Ball!


11:53pm Sunday night -- dancing at B&W ball


11:11AM on Saturday, watching part of the "Adventure Time" Memorial Day marathon with my friends while getting ready for a photoshoot!
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8:34pm Monday - sorting through swag and packing for departure on Tuesday morning (including taking bins back and forth from our room to the car).
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10:09am Friday- Crocheting some last pieces for one of my cosplays while riding in the group van down to Fanime.
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4:48 Sunday, got near the back of the cosplay spectacular line


3:22 a.m. friday: finishing a dnd sesion, still debating whether or not I wanted to go to fanime saturday night.
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4:24am Monday- sleeping lol

Wait this is Japan time..... In America I was probably in line for something


11:38 Sunday::: I was debating on what to have for lunch- I have an "x" budget for Fanime

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Hmm...7:41pm Sunday
I was watching Cosplay Spectacular, or at least waiting for it to start