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Author Topic: 2013 Registration  (Read 25171 times)

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Re: 2013 Registration
« Reply #20 on: October 25, 2012, 09:32:27 PM »

Thanks for the spelling police.
1. If you mail out the badge ahead if time low lifes can make photo copies.
2. Cost simple math here.
Example: stamps @.40 cents each. Add 10,000 attendes.
.40*10,000= $4,000
Now factor the cost of the envolpes, the badges, and the staff help to stuff them in. Can you stuff 10,000 badges into envolpes by youself?

3. I should have explain a bit more with that scam. Say we did mail out tickets. Some low life can say "I lost my ticket, send me another" when in fact they never lost it they just wanted a free extra ticket. They could esaily say "it got lost in the mail"
Also the school id scam was a problem a few years ago. People would make fake school ids with the same name on the badge. So there was like 5+ people using one badge.

And yes I do agree with 3 comps for 1000 people. There needs to be more staff at registration

I hope that makes it easier to understand, also I made a few spelling mistkes. Please highlight the incorrect words to win a prize.

1. How? You would put the badges in packaging, do you mean someone scanning or taking a picture of the badge? I see how that would work

2. I never said you had to do it by yourself, that's what staff should be doing :I instead of whatever else they do, I am sure if you get plenty of staff members it could work out

3. You are forgetting something, this isn't school, staff doesn't scan your badge when you walk in they look at them and say "your good, on in." and wouldn't it be good for that "low life" to have an extra badge just in case he lost his/hers?

You misspelled "envelopes", "yourself", "easily" and "mistakes." Please give me all of your money


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Re: 2013 Registration
« Reply #21 on: October 25, 2012, 10:22:51 PM »

Well, this thread has strayed from its original purpose. Thanks for the input. We are continually balancing the benefits and shortfalls of each solution.

We will keep you updated on "up" dates, but there may be little warning before hand as we would rather bring up the system as soon as its ready and not postpone them simply to give adequate warning.

Thanks for all your support:)
Eric Wu
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