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Started by Ska_Kitti, July 16, 2012, 04:36:01 PM

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Hello fans, this is your Gaming Manager~

It's come to my attention that most of you LOVE the Ninja game that people do in the Gaming Hall / Exhibit Hall 3: you've seen it, played it, or at one point want to join. I've also noticed that many of you who play Ninja in the hall are very passionate about the game, so passionate that some of you are very accurate with certain moves that it concerns staff. There are stories of people attaching prop weapons to limbs to enhance gameplay.

For those who have played at some point in the past 2-3 years may have heard me over the loudspeaker stating things like "Ninja is a non-sanctioned event and we (FanimeCon) are not responsible for injuries, please play responsibly and etc," as well as inviting myself into the large circles to deliver announcements to be safe and et cetera; however, my staff has noticed the increase of risk that some members choose to perform during Ninja, and wonder how much farther members will go. This is no secret and it is a growing concern for those who want to be real ninjas just like in games and anime. Members will be too passionate and yes, since accidents do happen, something of FanimeCon's might be broken, like a table that holds expensive equipment or perhaps another member. I don't want it and FanimeCon definitely doesn't want that.

I understand there are set rules for the game and many websites/forums that go over basic rules, and I also understand that I can't tell members "No, you can't play here because you all are crazy kids etc.," because it's rude and I want you all to be welcome.

SO. I am willing to come to a compromise with those who play Ninja.

I am still enforcing the "Ninja is non-sanctioned," but it is still recognized as a game played in EH3. At no point in the future do I plan to allow tournaments, and I want to make sure that my staff understands what the whole game is like so we can properly assess objectively and allow you all to have your fun. I don't want to have to personally break up all Ninja circles because of one person's accident and tell those who play to go outside in the cold or somewhere else, mainly because I am willing to work with the fans. I also don't want to be the villain unless members are being too risky (ie: jumping off chairs, running up walls and leaping to strike another, etc), and it means having my staff and I restrict play because a member wanted to be "more real" by being extreme. What I am looking for to help ease my staff in Exhibit Hall 3 (Tabletop, eGaming, and Arcade):

-Forum/Website for Ninja rules
-Formal explanation of Ninja
-Any additional information regarding the game

Thanks again for all the help, and I hope you all can continue to play safely! :3
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The rules are simple.  Each person gets to make one movement during their turn that involves their whole body.  However that ends is how they have to stay and from that point on they are only allowed to move their arms defensively, although some upper body movement is allowed.  Lower body movement during defense is prohibited except: to prevent injury, if someone runs into you you can try to keep your balance, keeping your balance a little bit, or if you fall.  You also can ONLY move your arms if you are being attacked, when in doubt move (I personally move my arms back if I moved due to a perceived threat that didn't actually come after me, though many don't).
The object (to get everyone else out) is achieved by touching one of their hands with one of your hands.  However that is achieved is up to the players.  That being said there is no extension of that in any way, no props count nor anything else one might think up.  It is hand to hand, or hand to glove, or glove to glove, nothing else counts.  One hand and you're out.  Also of note the wrist doesn't count.  If you slide down the arm and touch the hand that would count.  The whole thing is on an honor system, and disagreements are given to whatever speeds up the game, keeping it flowing and therefore fun is paramount.
Speed is of the essence and while we try to keep each other safe it is an important thing to consider where you keep your hands.  If a guy puts his hand right between his legs he is liable to get slapped somewhere sensitive (though we attempt not to do that).  Keep that in mind.
Movements can include two steps as long as it's a smooth stride, but no more.  A slide of long length can be achieved.  Leaping can be done as long as you don't endanger others and realize that it's concrete so you will likely bruise yourself. (This would be one of the times you can move your legs defensively, if they do a bad jump and are going to land on your leg, or knock it out from under you.)
The rest is customs and tactics, we have rituals at fanime that vary from other games I've played.  Also we restart when it comes down to two which is something I've only seen at fanime.
Jumping off of a chair would achieve nothing, and you can only take two steps so wall jumping is also out.  Respect for your fellow ninja and for bystanders is very important.  Also don't interfere with an ongoing game just because you're out.

I hope this helped at least with the rules.  If you have any other comments or if there is something else you need from us ninjas we'll be watching, even if you can't see us. ;)


Since that half of the people that go to fanime are from all corners for the world. It should be a World Ninja Tournament. And the winner of the tournament gets the "World Ninja" in the form a afro samurai like headband or title belt. It could take place in the gaming hall or some where else inside the convention.


Or it could take place in the park near by the convention.


This is the first time I've heard of this game.
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I have no problems if people want to go to a park and have something along the lines of "World's Biggest Ninja Circle," because at that point, there's nothing really to damage that isn't FanimeCon property, and aside from injuries is my biggest concern.

@flameroad123: It looks fun from a distance, and probably is fun once you get into it (by all means I could probably just sit and watch for an hour if I wanted to) lol
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