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Author Topic: Ways to get in touch with FMV authors?  (Read 1875 times)

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Ways to get in touch with FMV authors?
« on: July 29, 2012, 02:24:51 PM »

Hey, I attended the 2012 FMV contest and saw a couple videos I really want to see again. Particularly the two Madoka ones, "No soul, no light" by Jonathan Subillaga and "Chosen" by Sarah Fields. Unfortunately, looking in the past couple year's contest entires, it does not look like the videos from 2011 or 2010 that were submitted by those two members were ever posted. Now, Jonathan did state in a thread about a month ago he had some tweaks to make but that he wanted to put it up eventually, and I messaged him on these forums. However, I'm not sure how often he checks his messages or even if he does. I also am not sure if there's any way to get in touch with Sarah.

Which is why I'm asking if anyone here has any ideas for how I could talk too those two and hopefully get a copy of the FMVs. Thoughts?
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