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Calling out AnimefanJJ as a scamer, be warned.

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Back in March 31, '12 AnimefanJJ (James) offered to commission my cosplay. It was going to be a simple male school uniform from Blood-C. I wanted to use some one local-ish and to help out another cosplayer,  rather than buying it on ebay, or some other part half way around the world.
I bought a black shirt, red tie and shipped it off to him to start on it. I even meet up with him to take some measurements (a 5 hour drive) and paid him $40 for the commission and supplies.

He told me he would be able to finish it in time for Fanime which was about 1 1/2 months away. I was bit worried that it may not be done in time, but even if it wasn't done by Fanime I would at lest be able to ware it for Anime Expo the next month.

3 weeks before Fanime he said it was done, but rather than drive all the way back, I sent him an empty shipping box with return lable. Everything was ready for him all he had to do was just drop it off at any UPS location.

on May 4th James send me an email saying its ready but if he needs $40 for the ride to Fanime. I told him sorry, I don't need anything else done to the shirt. He then said it should be out by the 10th.

I didn't receive anything that week, so I emailed him letting him know what happened. James told me his dad fell and could ship it out. Ok no biggie, we made plans that we will meet up during Fanime and he would give it to me there. It kind of sucked since I paid for the shipping but oh wells so I though..

On May 24th I got this email "meet up with me at Dealer's Hall Friday. I don't have my own phone so, having your number won't help." no time set to meet up and no cell? how could that be possible? I never saw him at Fanime nor did I get my cosplay shirt.
I was a bit mad he didn't have a clue to borrow a friend's cell or use a payphone.

On May 29th he wrote: "I looked for you too, I even found someone that knew you, but I didn't catch you in time. Sorry for not giving you a time to meet me at. My fault, sorry. I will ship out your shirt."
At this point I said well at lest I'll use it for Anime Expo. So I though....

By June 7th I haven't received anything. I emailed him letting him know whats the hold up.
On June 13th he wrote: "I will be shipping it out on Friday the only day I am free. Sorry it is taking so long for me to give you the shirt."
June 21: "I am sorry for the long wait, things just keep happening. I know your angry and frustration ok. I am sending out tomorrow, since it is the only day I am free."

After a month of waiting and 3 day before AX I was a bit mad I told him to give me my stuff or give me my money back.

June 29 the day before Anime Expo he wrote: "Look I been busy with watching my nephews until they got a day care. I don' want you mad at me please understand that I am not trying to hold your shirt ok. I will do both, I will send out the shirt and pay you back once I get paid after July 9th. Please I don't want you to not mean these things, I tried hard and I know all I have given you is excuses. I will get the shirt too you. I am really sorry for this happening. Please I don't want you just bloeing me off and losing trust in me, please I don't want that ok."

I haven't heard anything since then till I told him I was going to leave this post and contact the mods about this. Only then has he wrote back.

On July 24th he wrote: "you really need to work with me on this. I already said sorry and agree to ship off the shirt and reimburse you. I am sorry for what has happen, but it wasn't in my control. I really want you to understand that."

I have offered him 2 choices back in June after AX, either pay me back what I spent $80($40 for the shirt and tie + $40 for the commission)
Or send me the finished shirt.
To this date I have nothing.

Wow, how hard is it to mail a damn shirt?  You provided everything he needed and he still can't pull it off.

It is understandable that things may come up unexpectedly and cause some sort of delay, but 3 1/2 months?

Just send him the damn shirt already.

I know huh? Taking care if kids and what not is hard to do but he could had a friend, or a family member to help him ship the shirt out when they go or come back from work.

Even UPS or the mail man could come to his house pick it up for him. He doesn't even have to take one step out of his door.

Even if he lost the prepaid return shipping label, shipping is not that expensive either. UPS charged me about $12 and it got there with in 2 days. If you want to go cheaper Priority Mail package is $5-8. So it not like shipping prices are holding him back.

All I know is that he is having fun planing another Hetaila gathering while making his own cosplays with the money he got from me. Sure sounds fair to me huh?

Is this the person?;u=2179


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