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Calling out AnimefanJJ as a scamer, be warned.

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--- Quote from: sysadmin on August 06, 2012, 11:31:16 AM ---Hello,

I am giving him a right of reply for 48 hours.

If this is not resolved to my satisfaction, I will do what I can within my remit.

--- End quote ---
Did he say anything to you?
I haven't heard nothing since 8/6/12

Monthly update: zero/nothing

Monthly update: zero/nothing same goes for any type of contact.
I guess he doesn't post under his name so he may have made a new account.

He made some topic about a Zelda gathering last month.  I made a comment in the topic but of course, he had nothing to say.

Thank you for doing that. It also lets him know that other people are reading.
And if he should ever goes to his meet ups, everyone would know he is not to be trusted with money.


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