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Calling out AnimefanJJ as a scamer, be warned.

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Yes that's him.


I am giving him a right of reply for 48 hours.

If this is not resolved to my satisfaction, I will do what I can within my remit.

Thanks for all your help.
I got a pm from him yesterday:
"well I am just just trying to apologise and try to make things better."

I really am sick and tired of hearing that over and over. Its seems that is the only thing he knows how to say.

If it was me on the other end I would borrow money from my friends or family to take care if this and forget all of this asap. I'll rather be in debit with friends/family than to own a stranger.

I bet he doesn't even have the shirt.  Probably never started it.  I can see no other possible scenario beyond his complete neglect of what you comissioned him to do as a reason for a delay this long.

He has the shirt, I seen it when I went to get some mesuerments taken.

He even told me he had it with him at Fanime. But by this point it all could have been all a lie.


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