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Author Topic: So you expect me to come all the way to US just to sell my product for fun?  (Read 1240 times)

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*please read the rules. If you want to sell something when FanimeCon rolls around in the artist alley, please register for that.

Seem legit mod, but not gonna happen coz I'm as rich as you guys just to go few days event that gonna cost me more than 5000$.

"This sub-forum isn't a place for businesses to advertise their products. We aren't running a mini-Amazon. It's a place for fans to trade, sell and hope to gain something new. It's supposed to be a fun, exciting, and interactive with an opportunity to recognize common interests between people."

This second rule seems very wrong in my POV after you deleted my topic. If you guys arent running a mini-Amazon, then this topic shouldn't existed in the first place. Change the forum to 'Buy and trade' not 'Buy,Sell and trade' which it make no sense if I cant sell a simple thing like this which doesnt make me much profit (just 1 - 2$ profit) and trying to share with you guys for fun. Or you guys look at me as scammer. I dont care much.

If you mod try to ban me permanently, just go ahead. I dont care about this forum anymore.
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First of all, people who come here to sell actually appreciate the convention, the fans and how the convention treats them. If not they wouldn't be selling ANIME merchandise in the first place. Maybe you should reconsider your own validity as an anime( or if you want to be more general of this sub-culture)  fan, if you actually even are one. Second, there's an appropriate place to sell everything. In your case as someone who's selling merchandise much like what either a dealer or artist would do as a small company, it isn't the same as an individual selling or trading off what he happens to have. We want to avoid the use of this sub forum as a place for advertising for business companies like that. It wouldn't be fair. If you come to FanimeCon, you'd see why dealer's room isn't in the same room or time as our FanimeCon swap meet for obvious reasons. This is nothing against you. And if you don't care about this forum anymore solely based on the fact you can't make profit ( of a measly few bucks) from your merchandise, then that's a pretty pathetic reason to just stop coming. But since you seem to be a person of high intelligence, so smart to mention the fact you don't seem to ever plan to come to FanimeCon anyways, your only purpose thus is to abuse a forum meant for something else for your own personal monetary gains. I know you could probably try and flip the last part and play cute with me but no, it's not gonna fly. You should know better, not to mention hundreds of users understand perfectly well what this section of the forum serves as.

But... have a nice day.
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Seem legit mod, but not gonna happen coz I'm as rich as you guys just to go few days event that gonna cost me more than 5000$.

Cool, so no problem right??
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