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Started by Monkey D. Luffy_2004, May 11, 2004, 04:33:35 PM

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Monkey D. Luffy_2004

Me and a group of my freinds came over for a week.Well the topic of anime popped up and just talked away.Well one of my freinds can be a real pain in the A$$ sometimes and he said "Why do you watch that bull crud,Its so boring and you know all those japaneze people are just nerds and        s".And I said "Because we can."Now I respect what his opinion is.That and he lost 79% of all his freinds that night.Well that brings up some interesting topic's...What do you think of people that think there better then other people because they think there nerds.Why do you watch anime? this subject just came up two days ago.Oh and one more thing I dont think Im better then anyone else and no one is better then you.

Pull up a chair and sit on the floor
and I will tell you a tale you heard before
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and saved the lives of the two      boys
if you dont belive this story is ture
ask the blind man he sawed it too......G0D BLESS SPAM!
sounds like a spy movie.

neko ewen

I think the last time I got called a "nerd" was when I was in eighth grade -- and I'm 25 now. Not only is it childish and rude to go around calling people that (some people use the word in a more friendly manner, but he obviously wasn't), but the term seem to now be out of style by nearly a decade. :P

So if someone had said that, I would've responded with, "First of all, who the hell calls people 'nerds' anymore?" And then I'd go on to explain how you just plain can't paint everyone with the same brush (especially with something like anime; Japanese people of both genders, all ages, and all levels of "coolness" read manga), and that learning to have some vague notion of respect for things that other people treasure is a Good Thing.

The other comments he made seem to reflect someone who can't separate the need to appear cool to other people (having gotten over that is a sign of maturing and of *real* coolness). I see the exact same thing more frequently with regard to tabletop RPGs; there's just a certain group of people who can't get over the stereotypes ("I wouldn't be caught dead playing those NERD GAMES!"), so they miss out on something they might enjoy and alienate people who might be their friends.

> I dont think Im better then anyone else and no one is better then you.

Good! The world needs more people like you. ^_^
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The world is full of elitist who think they're better than everyone else because of the shows they watch, the bands they like, the hobbies they're into, the clothes they wear and so on. Personally I say if the things you like and the way you dress really make you who you are then you are pretty lame and better than no one. Why do people let silly, superficial things like that matter so much to them. I guess it's part of growing up and caring far too much about what others think of you. Personally I didn't really go throguh taht fase so I can't speak from experience. I'd liek to say that once you get out of school and go into the 'real world' everyone grows out of this fase and act like better, more mature people. But to be honest that doesn't seem to be the case at all. I'm constantly called a nerd by my anime obessed friends for watching star trek all the time. I find this funny because they're just as much of a 'nerd' as I am. I also get called a nerd by my 'normal' friends for liking anime. The best one is when I'm called a nerd because I like to sew, make art and do crafts by my uncreative friends. Personally I embrase my nerdiness and don't try to deny it. I's a complete spaz and I don't care. I am myself and whoever can't deal with that needs to either get over it or not be in my life. I origionally had a point to my rambling but I seem to have lost it so I'm going to stop now...


Just think nerds make the world go around. With out us who will fix their computers. Who will make their video games. Who will make thoes cool special effects in the movies they love.  Yes, Iam proud to be a nerd. Yes I still watch StarTrek, but only been to one treky con.   I have to agree, after highschool people do change, but some people never grow up.
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I'm proud to be a nerd! ... ^-^;;


<--- Gamer

But that can be a nerd as well I suppose, like it really matters heh.
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The way it is


Gamers are a form of Nerd.
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Don't worry, everyone to their own hobby, you know? Everyone calls me a HUGE nerd stuck in a Porn Star's body just because I like anime. But I just figure, that's their fault they can't appreciate it. I think men who are all into basketball and football are nerds, but that's just my opinion, right? Everyone has one.



I hung out with the nerds during high school...they were the most kickass people ive ever met...and they taught me all kinds of things (how to build comps, use napster -before it became legit-, how to make a fake identity, etc.) we were such a sick crew, always talkin about anime and how to get fansubs.

i didnt hang around with the popular rice rocket driftin, anti-fobin cellphone/beeper wearin "azns" when i was in high school. im really glad that i didnt, because they ended up getting in fights or being suspended.

i think you are a nerd if you really really dig something you like, no matter what it may be. and hey, thats a good thing. it gives a person identity.
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I don't mind being classified a nerd, I have good friends, the kind of friends that those who try to condescend will never have.

That movie is great. 20 cool points for whoever knows what movie that's from.
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derr, easy one digitalimp.   Ill ways hated thoes Alpha Betas. LOL
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REVENGE OF THE NERDS!!!! *Crashes through a fence and into a random dorm*
Um I'm like whatever someone wants to call me. I love anime, video games and sports... dun Dun DUN! I can imagine a future where nerds are going to be the norm.

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Nerds are the norm now
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Not just yet. Sometimes I still hear: Oh my god you are such a nerd! Until I never hear that phrase again that will be the day. The day of TRIUMPH!

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Your still in school right?  After your school years being called a nerd is a good thing. Look what happend to the king of nerds.  (Microsoft)
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This may be true but I mean how many of us are actually going to become billionaires by the time we are in our fourties? Ummm not many.

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At least nerds can have the pleasure of knowing that they'll be probably a lot better off then most of the punks they meet in high school. Hell, there are so many punks, I have to wonder just where do they all go once they graduate? It feels like more than half of my school's population consists of jocks, airheads, knuckleheads and punks.

... still, knowing that they'll be better off in the future doesn't directly help nerds now, and I for one tend to be impatient... hmmm...well, I guess it's better then nothing! At least I've got Impy, who I can look at and think to myself, "Geez, thank God I'm not as nerdy as that guy!". ...I'm just kiddin', Impy; don't get your undies in a twist!
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hahah that's true. You can always say to someone "You are gonna be pumping my gas some day so shut it!" or "You're gonna be working for me one of these days so I wouldn't talk if I were you."

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Well.. Next year will be my high school 10 year reunion.  Now to really see what has happen to all thoes people who picked and pushed me around. Ha.. they probley look old and have kids running around bugging the hell out of them. Im really going to freak them out.  They probley wont let me into the reunion since I still look like I go to high school. My brain has aged but my body has stayed the same. Im so lucky! =^-^=
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Quote from: "recomet15"At least I've got Impy, who I can look at and think to myself, "Geez, thank God I'm not as nerdy as that guy!". ...I'm just kiddin', Impy; don't get your undies in a twist!

*tear* Your a bigger nerd than I you jsut hide it better. Who's the one that screams out attack commands when playing yugioh? I'll settle this matter with you in our fight topic.
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