Shin Megami Tensei / Persona 2013!

Started by linefaced, November 09, 2012, 01:05:03 AM

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Hey everyone!

I'm Linefaced, I'll be running the SMT/Persona gathering this year since HeeroYuy135 won't be attending Fanime this year.  I was also the co-runner for both gatherings last year.  (My username on these forums used to be DarkenedWings, if that helps!)  G-Force and I will be co-running since we've had a lot of success at running other SMT/Persona gatherings at multiple cons, and this year we're changing it up by doing a daytime photoshoot gathering and a midnight round of King's Game, date and location TBD!

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Shin Megami Tensei / Persona 2013 - Day Gathering
Day: Saturday, May 25th
Time: 3:00 PM
MP: G4 / Riser Stage Area (Map)
L: G4 / Riser Stage Area

Shin Megami Tensei / Persona 2013 - Midnight King's Game
Day: Saturday, May 25th
Time: 11:59 PM
MP: G4 / Riser Stage Area (Map)
L: G4 / Riser Stage Area

Current Attendees:

DarkFujin ~ Erica
Redstarship ~ Sheep(?)

Devil Summoner
Disgruntled Otaku ~ Raidou Kuzunoha (?)

SMT/Persona General
Letho ~ Nekomata
Redstarship ~ The Reaper (?)

Persona 3
ChieSatonaka's husband ~ Akihiko Sanada
Inai ~ Elizabeth
mintycat ~ FeMC
krispy_kream ~ FeMC
DaKree~ ~ Ken Amada
Disgruntled Otaku ~ MC (?)

Persona 4
ChieSatonaka ~ Chie Satonaka
TrialOfTheDragon ~ Chie Satonaka
siphry ~ Chie Satonaka
Stitchez ~ Kanji Tatsumi (or AU!Ryotaro Dojima)
piggyflyer ~ Kou Ichijo
Trooper715 ~ Labrys/Shadow Labrys
takaomi47 ~ Naoto Shirogane (school outfit or winter outfit)
kannazuki's friend ~ Naoto Shirogane
kannazuki's friend ~ Shadow Naoto
Linefaced ~ Protagonist
Rukuzu3 ~ Protagonist
Angelx624 ~ Rise Kujikawa (?)
krispy_kream ~ Rise Kujikawa
Chibo ~ Shadow Rise
G-Force ~ Teddie
YattaDante ~ Yosuke Hanamura
nateb39007 ~ Yosuke Hanamura
CherryGeri ~ Yukiko Amagi
dasratchet ~ Yukiko Amagi
kannazuki ~ Shadow Yukiko

Photography Order:
Group Shot
Shots by series
Scene recreations
Group Shot

Also, if you're just looking to network with more SMT/Persona cosplayers in California, we have a Facebook page set up here:  So please check that out!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next year!


I might see about bringing Rise Kujikawa from Persona 4. ^^
(ノ•ω•)ノ Cosplay List:
Rook Hunt
Ukyo (Ranma 1/2)
Satsuki (Totoro)
Omega (Bad Batch)
Giyu (KnY)
Rengoku (KnY)
Sheeta (Laputa)


Okay yeah after Sacanime this past weekend I am really looking forward to Fanime even though it's like over 5 months away still XD so thought i'd finally stop staring at this thread and just post!

i'll most likely be Yukiko for the gathering(s) and i'm hoping to go to both the day and night ones if i can! i remember last year when i'd just gotten into P3 my friends and i were wandering the con around midnight and i think we caught the end of the midnight gathering, so we took pictures with one of the Akihikos and a Vincent XD excited to actually be a part of it this year~

fanime17 tentative lineup: Shokugeki Megumi / BnHA Tsuyu / Maidragon Kanna / P5 Makoto / FE Fates Sakura


Labrys here!  (Or shadow Labrys if the other Labrys I'm following on Tumblr finishes her costume! )

I have some improvements I need to make for Fanime, and hopefully I'll figure out something for the axe by then. =3

Nina Star 9

Depending on how things go, I might bring either Eruca from Radiant Historia or Trisha/The Midnight Venus from Catherine. I'm assuming that non-SMT Atlus games are still welcome?

I'm not sure if I'll even be bringing either of these costumes yet, since I have a ton of new cosplays on my list, but if I attend the gathering, Friday or early on Saturday would be ideal. (I'm typically fairly busy on Sundays and I'll probably spend a good chunk of Saturday afternoon getting in bodypaint for a 4PM gathering) Don't count too much on my availability when setting the times, though, since I'll probably use the timing of this gathering to help me decide if I should bring either of my Atlus cosplays.


Depending on when this ends up being I might show up as Kanji! Either winter uniform or Winter casual, undecided which i'd bring


Any updates on hopeful days or times for the gatherings (aside the obvious midnight gathering)? I'm also helping run some APH panels and with panel reg coming up soon I want to try and request times that wont clash with probably gathering times.


Quote from: trooper715 on January 10, 2013, 12:43:11 AM
Labrys here!  (Or shadow Labrys if the other Labrys I'm following on Tumblr finishes her costume! )

I have some improvements I need to make for Fanime, and hopefully I'll figure out something for the axe by then. =3

I saw you at Sac-anime but I couldn't get your picture :c


Sticking my head back in here...

The Midnight Gathering usually works best on Saturday night (as in Saturday at 11:59 PM), in my experience.  That's generally how we can get most people to show up since they aren't dealing with masq/packing/etc.  I generally like having the day gathering on the same day, but if that's not going to work for the majority of attendees, we can change that pretty easily.

I'll go ahead and update the first post with the list of attendees/characters we have thus far.  Nevermind that I'm still mostly undecided myself...

Nina Star 9

Saturday would work best for me for the day gathering, especially if it is relatively early (morning or noon, no later than 1 or so). Another gathering I am attending has changed to Sunday, so my Saturday is pretty free now, except that I would prefer to wear my FFVIII outfit during the afternoon, but that's not a huge dealbreaker.

I won't be making the midnight gathering either way...well...Midnight Venus would be appropriate, but I have too much else going on for two Atlus gatherings!


I'm currently making an Elizabeth from P3 cosplay which should be done in time for Fanime. I'd love to attend any gatherings. I've always loved seeing the midnight gathering in the past. My fiance and I tend to do our own thing at cons, so any day and time works out as long as it's not Friday before noon.  :)


Ideally I'd like to make it not too early since my experience with morning gatherings is that a lot of people tend not to show up, especially if it's on a Saturday since a lot of people stay up late on Friday night, being Day 1 and all.

Would Saturday at either 12 pm or 1 pm work for everyone for the Day gathering?  I'm in talks with G right now about the Midnight Gathering and potentially planning an event, more details to come...

Nina Star 9

Saturday at 12PM would be ideal for me. I may or may not be able to make it (just because I have SO MANY COSPLAYS and I'm doing Ultimecia that afternoon, which will take a lot of time to get into), but it is very likely that I can make it if it is at noon, and I'd love to come to this gathering (it's a place where someone might actually recognize a Radiant Historia cosplay!!).


Okay, running back really quickly here because I'm talking to G, and I'd like everyone's opinion.  We have two options on the table:

1. Have a Midnight Gathering like usual, probably on Saturday night.  This will just be another photoshoot, like it has been in past years.
2. Instead of a Midnight Gathering, G and I will file for an official event at FanimeCon, and we will all get together and host a large round of King's Game, a la Persona 4.  This is something G and I have been doing at AX for the last two years, and we have a specific rule set that we've developed to keep things safe for everyone involved.  We always have a lot of fun doing this, and if people would be interested, we can bring it to Fanime.

If people would really like both a Midnight Gathering AND an official round of King's Game, we can try to work it out, but I'd like to see if people would prefer one or the other since both G and I have extremely busy Fanime schedules and running three events is a lot of work for both of us. 

Please, please post your thoughts on this ASAP!!  If we're going to file for an official cosplayer event with Fanime we need to do it very soon, but it would guarantee us a reserved space to play around in.

Trial of the Dragon

Heya, I saw the post on Facebook and headed right over!
I'll be cosplaying Chie again, and will definitely be at the day gathering. C: Either 12 or 1 is super great in my opinion, though I'm naturally more inclined toward the 1 o'clock. Last year, I wanted to go to the midnight gathering, but I was pretty wiped out after the day. I've never actually played King's Game outside of P4, ahaha, but it sounds like it could be pretty entertaining with some other SMT/Atlus fans! Do you know if the game would be more of a day or evening activity?


It sounds like G would like to actually just shoot for a midnight King's Game.  Seems like our assigned room might be out in the Fairmont, and we think that hosting a second photoshoot and then shuffling a bunch of people down there is probably a little too much and everyone will already be up late.

Just to elaborate, the "common sense" rules we generally set up to keep things safe and contained are:

1. If you are uncomfortable with a dare you've been given you are free to opt out, and the King/Queen can pick a different dare, or a different number to participate.
2. No nudity, and nothing unsanitary (i.e. wet willies are right out.)
3. No more than five numbers involved in a dare at a time, or situations tend to get out of control.
4. No dares that involve bodily contact unless both parties consent.

We may add rules that restrict some amount of adult content depending on who shows up to play.  We had a really, really creative group at AX last year who came up with all sorts of crazy things, like "Number 2 and number 5 have to do a Baywatch-style slow motion run down the hallway" or "Number 3 has to serenade number 7 with a Disney song", things like that.  It's a lot of fun and makes for a really good time, I think we played for something like three hours last year.


Personally i think 12 pm for the day gathering might be better as well since i have another gathering that will most likely be in the afternoon on Saturday so hopefully i'd have enough time to change XD also doing a King's Game event sounds great! i've been curious about it after hearing about some of the King'S Game shenanigans over at AX hehe, could be fun to bring it to Fanime :D

fanime17 tentative lineup: Shokugeki Megumi / BnHA Tsuyu / Maidragon Kanna / P5 Makoto / FE Fates Sakura


Totally cool with either time for the day gathering, I've already set aside Sat for all my Persona shenanigans :>


I think a midnight King's Game would be good. People have the option of participating for a round and are able to go elsewhere in the hotel or outside to take photos. Not to mention the game itself would make for an interesting photo shoot.


I really, really, reaaaaally want to do a Midnight Gathering! I probably wouldn't be able to make the day gathering, but definitely the midnight one. I'll probably be the P3P girl or... I haven't decided. UvU