Shin Megami Tensei / Persona 2013!

Started by linefaced, November 09, 2012, 01:05:03 AM

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Looks like me and my husband are going as Chie and Akihiko this year :)

It's Aki-kun's first time too  ;D


I'll be going as Yukiko from P4 this year.  I agree that 12pm on Saturday would be a good time to meet up.  Thumbs up for Midnight Gathering and King's Game also!


Okay, I think we're leaning toward 12 pm on Saturday as our meetup time.  I'll be looking into available locations.

It seemed like most people I talked to wanted to do a King's Game as our Midnight Gathering, so we'll be doing that this year instead of a second photoshoot.  If anyone was more interested in taking photos, you'll be free to split off and explore the Fairmont, but there won't be an official scheduled photo-based gathering at night this year.  G submitted the idea to events, so we'll update this thread when we have an exact date.  (It'll either be Friday night or Saturday night, hopefully!)

Thanks everyone!


With it being on Saturday, I'll probly not be able to make it. :(

My cosplay plans for Fanime are pretty full, also. ;w;

But I'll still see if I can drop by and take photos!! ^^
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I'll be there as shadow!Yukiko, with possibly a Naoto and a shadow!Naoto :D
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I'll be going as Naoto in either her Winter outfit, School Outfit, or both.
I can def make it to the meetup/gathering but I'm not sure about the King's Game gathering yet.


Kou Ichijo will be back again this year. This is gonna be a ball!
Omg I'm so lame. XD


As long as I'm not lost, I hope to make it to this meetup (first time at Fanime haha)!

For sure I'll be bringing my sheep costume (Catherine), and I'm in the process of making the Reaper from P3/P4. I'm probably going to bring the Reaper since I'm planning to cosplay it on Saturday anyway! :)

If not, then...Sheep! (If I bring this costume, I *might* need assistance since I'm pretty much blind in this thing....>_>; )

As for the King's Game thing, I'll have to opt out...since my costumes aren't suited for it (being blind in the sheep and half blind in the Reaper...oh boy...)


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I'll be there as Chie from Persona 4.


Hey guys! 

I've been in talks with BSaphire about this gathering and unfortunately, because of time and location restrictions, we have to move the gathering to 3 pm.  There will be another gathering happening at our preferred time in the area we're looking at, which is the G4/the riser stage area.  It was either shift the time or take one of the tiered platforms, and having been to the convention center since its remodel, I don't think those platforms would have been enough space to accommodate everyone + photographers, especially because I highly suspect this year is going to be our biggest group ever.

Again, I'm sorry for the change and I'm sorry if this means some people can't make it.

I'm still waiting to hear back from G about our Midnight King's Game event, so I'll be sure to update this thread again when he lets me know what's up.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

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With the time shift, I won't be able to make it anymore. :< I'll see if I can still wear Eruca that morning (keep an eye out for me! Has anyone actually played Radiant Historia, anyway? ;P), but even that's looking doubtful, since I have quite a lot of fixing on the armor to do.

Have fun, everyone! :)


If anyone of you guys are cosplaying the shadow characters from Persona 4, please join this event, It's a private shoot that I will be doing at Fanime.

If would be awesome if we had the shadow versions for this XD.

and if you want to look at my portfolio, my photo page is in my signature

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I will see if I can go to both gatherings, but I will be going as Shadow Rise :)


I plan to be there as Yosuke from P4 :)
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I'll be there as Rise! And probably femaleMC at midnight.
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I'm rolling on 3 choices here I probably wont actually decide until day of haha @w@;;;
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Hey folks G here, thought I'd shoot an update over.

As of right now chances look slim for us to have Kings Game at the Fairmont due to schedual and room size. I have no final answer but antisipate having all the events stay within the Fanime con center.

For people who haven't been to our events I just want to say that the midnight gathering is sort of a "makeup" gathering where we go through the normal patterns of the afternoon gathering with a heavier emphasis on socialzing at the end. King's Game has been hugly popular and you do not have to come dressed in cosplay to partisipate. If you're sitting on the fense to attend or not because your outfit is not super comfortable, let that bit of info give you peace of mind.