2013 Adventure Time Gathering!

Started by Kimba616, December 13, 2012, 12:26:05 PM

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Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Day: Saturday
Time: 3pm
Location: G8b, G8c

Breakfast Princess- Skirtzzz
BMo- DangerHeart's Friend(BMo Noire), TronCat F1*, TronCat F2*, mellypants f4
Cake- grove_c, mellypants f6*
Clarence- TheMusician F1*
Cotton Candy Princess- bitter-bug, NyteOwl, mellypants f2
Finn- DangerHeart's Friend, MissToken42 F3, garfieldelric*, PinkHairSasuke F1, boo-chan, ga-ko's bf, PikachuMaster's friend(steampunk), Rozuki F1, tofuskin21 f1
Fionna- Armored-Heart*, ga-ko, Pika-Ninja F1, kohakutou, Torai, frowne, Rozuki, scarecrowWhiskey, Mirzers, Pologirl f1*, kittmae f2, Megumi, tofuskin21 f2
Flame Prince
Flame Princess- Kimba616(steampunk), MissToken42 F1, mintycat*, tofuskin21 f7
Ghost Princess- TheMusician*
Gunter- Rozuki f4*
Hunson Abadeer- Eliteslayer*
Huntress Wizard- demetria656
Ice King- DangerHeart's Friend, PinkHairSasuke F2
Ice Queen- Kimba's Friend(steampunk), PinkHairSasuke F3*, meanlilkitty(steampunk),tofuskin21, Ariana L. 3
Jake- DangerHeart's Friend, MissToken42 F4, PinkHairSasuke, mellypants f5
Lady Rainicorn- Kimba's Friend(steampunk), DangerHeart's Friend, elflady_2001, mellypants f6*
Lemongrab- tykpon
Lord Monochromicorn- TronCat*, grove_c's bf
LSP- DangerHeart's Friend, Tsubasakissu, robozombisaurus, ggabbahey f1, S, xichisex, sammywhatammy
Marceline- MissToken42, Devi 1313, tykpon F1, Olivine*, ga-ko f2*, mellypants f1, kittmae, tofuskin21 f5, Anamaria, Foxcee
Marshal Lee- Kimba's Friend(steampunk), Xaara, Cosplayer Alex*, ga-ko f1*, Rozuki f3*, NyteOwl f1, thereisnodanaonlyzuul, kittmae f1, tofuskin21 f6, Foxcee f1
Party Pat- PinkHairSasuke F4, NyteOwl f2, mellypants f3
Prince Gumball- Kimba's Friend(steampunk), Adnarimification, NyteOwl f3, thereisnodanaonlyzuul f1, tofuskin21 f3, Ariana L.1
Princess Bubblegum-  MissToken42 F2, Meruru(13 y/o version), elflady_2001's daughter, Pika-Ninja, PikachuMaster(steampunk), PsychoticDame, Rozuki F2, mellypants, tofuskin21 f4, Ariana L.2*
Raggedy Princess- azreale*
Simon- jacktchance*
Tree Trunks- Tabbychan
Water Princess- Pologirl*

Going [90]
*- maybe [21]


My groups going as AT as well ;D Count us in.

Detective BMO (BMO Noire)
Ice King
Finn and Jack
Lady Rainicorn


Cosplay Plans:
Mamma Toph - Legend of Korra
Prince Gumball - AdventureTime
Nemesis - Mass Effect 3
Connor Kenway - Assassin's Creed III


Fanime 2014:
Ms.Fortune- Skullgirls
Ms.Marvel (Kamala Khan)
Noiz- DMMD
Red Robe- Journey
Beat- Jet Set Radio
Satsuki- Kill La Kill
Kida- Atlantis
Malik Al-Sayf- Assassin's Creed
Sasha & Eren- SNK


Quote from: demetria656 on December 25, 2012, 03:11:22 AM
Put me down for Huntress Wizard~
Oh that will be really cool to see! I've always liked her design, I'm surprised I've never seen a cosplay of her before!


List is up to date! Aiming for Saurday afternoon for gathering day/time.  :)




Me and my friends will be going as
Myself: Marceline (What was missing)
Friend 1: Flame Princess
Friend 2: Princess Bubblegum
Friend 3: Finn
Friend 4: Jake
Fanime 2013 Cosplays: Princess Serenity (Salior Moon), Toph (Avatar), Crona (Soul Eater), Harley Quinn (Batman: Arkham City), Shimei (Ao No Exorcist), Marceline (Adventure Time)


I will be Beemo 8D and maybe I will pull along a NEPTR! :D

(as for time, I know Pokemon will be Saturday around noonish~ So It would be wise to try to get later than that o.o Like 2-3? Just a helpful hint since that is a huge gathering XD)
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Quote from: luluuxduplica1223 on January 23, 2013, 06:27:02 AM
I will be Beemo 8D and maybe I will pull along a NEPTR! :D

(as for time, I know Pokemon will be Saturday around noonish~ So It would be wise to try to get later than that o.o Like 2-3? Just a helpful hint since that is a huge gathering XD)
Yeah and I was planning on attending that as well. xD I know in the past it's been Saturdays around 11am-2pm, so I was kind of banking on it being 11am or noon. I was planning for this to be in the afternoon anyway, so 2pm-3pm is right around where I was expecting it to fall. c:

Anywho~ List is up-to-date! : D


Not sure which AT costumes I'm bringing yet, but I'll definitely be there! I'll update when I finally figure out which character I'll be. :D


I'll be going as 13 year old Princess Bubblegum!


My friends and I will definitely be there this year! We keep missing the gatherings at cons because we under-estimate the amount of time it takes to paint 5+ people. That being said, the later in the day, the better for us! 2-3 is a good time.

Still not sure who we'll be cosplaying, either regular or genderswap, we have full groups of both.



if gathering times work out. I'll be there as Raggedy princess
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Tsubaki (Future Diary)
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Chaika (Hitsugi no chaika)
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Ashura (Tsubasa)
Catwoman (maybe)


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I'll be there as Jake while my friends will be Ice King and Finn. I also might have an Ice Queen and Party Pat.


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-Trickster Jake English (Homestuck)

Devi 1313

Here's hoping I don't get sick and miss it again this year! I'll be Marceline!
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