2013 Adventure Time Gathering!

Started by Kimba616, December 13, 2012, 12:26:05 PM

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i very much hope to go as finn! but no 100%...
also depending on schedule, my brother may crossplay AT...eeek >.< not sure about that either yet.

i'll keep everyone posted!


depending on how things go i may have my lord monochromicorn done lol and ill be coming with the male and female Bmo (they where the couple at sac anime some of you may remember) mines is a maybe but they are sure fire :3


I'll be there as Lady Rainicorn and my daughter KawaiiKitty will be Princess Bubblegum!


good news, guys! it's looking very likely that i'll be there as finn!! my brother is a no though....but i'm really excited~
AT is the best!


Hoping to attend as Fionna; it depends on the finalized gathering time and my cosplay lineup and such, but I really hope to be there!
Not attending for 2014. Sorry!


I have checked and the Marshall Lee cosplay is a definite yes Ill continue following the post.
Can't wait to see everyone this year!  :D
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hi there! i'm planning to be there as cotton candy princess. C:


I'll be there as Fionna and my boyfriend will be there as Finn

Dani Phantom

Is it okay to have another Marceline the Vampire Queen, 'cos that's who I'm coming as, my name is Dani Phantom by the way :)


Most likely coming as Princess Bubblegum

with my friend as Fionna
Fanime plans~
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Quote from: Dani Phantom on February 23, 2013, 11:58:52 AM
Is it okay to have another Marceline the Vampire Queen, 'cos that's who I'm coming as, my name is Dani Phantom by the way :)

No! Only one Marceline is allowed! Just kidding, of course it's fine. You'll rarely find one person cosplaying as a character unless they're obscure or something haha


I would like to go as FP. UvU If I can get the dress done lol.


I'm excited to go Fanime for the first time this year~~ Nice to know there is an AT gathering! :D I'll most likely be going as Fionna on Saturday (first debuted at AOD hehe)! Excited to meet other AT cosplayers~


Hey guys I'll be coming as Human!Lemongrab! And a friend of mine is going to be Marceline.

Cosplayer Alex

If all goes as plan I will join you guys as Marshall Lee  ;)


I will be Attending as Tree trunks <3 (Humanized ofcourse XD)


Uhm, I should be attending as Fionna in her Princess Serenity dress from the first gender swap episode!



Phew! List is up to date! :D For some reason I wasn't getting email notifications when people were posting, good thing I checked out of paranoia. xDD

Our current count looks to be 43-54!! And there's still 70 days before Fanime! :D


I will be coming as LSP hopefully in her quinceanera dress and I will be bringing some little kids who want to be finn and baby finn haha lets see if they change their mind before then XD
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