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Started by Rhornez, January 03, 2013, 04:12:00 PM

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will there ever be a chance to host like a small tournament for league of legends? it would be great

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For FanimeCon 2013? While this is the wrong forum for the idea, its not a bad idea if one can figure out the time logistics. IIRC these tournys can run a long time unless the metagame has changed significantly.
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30-50 isnt too long, ive been in one game where it was 70+ minutes, omg almost a stalemate

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Depending on the number of enties, a LoL Tournament would take a good portion of the day.
Now assuming the average game length of 40min, and lets say 8 teams of players. That is 40 PCs that need to be reserved for play for the first round, which is unlikely possible. It would be necessary to only run 1 or at best 2 matches at a time. With 2 games, it would take over 2.5 hours to finish the first round. Forget about the downtime between matches. I can see a tourney going for a solid 6 hours. That is quite a strain on PC gaming.

Now to be fair, I doubt we will see 40 people showing up with teams ready.

It would be far more feasible to instead run LoL on Twisted Treeline (3v3). The teams are smaller, and the games are shorter.

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twisted treeline sounds fair and i wouldnt doubt it, im pretty sure there is 40+ players that play LoL in the fanime crowd

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As of right now I'm in charge of heading the League of Legends tournament for FaniCon 2013.

As it stands it has to occur over multiple days. It has to be 8 teams to be sanctioned by RIOT (which is what we want). Details aren't sealed, but its definitely something we are working to provide this year.


omg i wish i had a team for it

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