Touhou Project Gathering 2014

Started by Kotuea, January 19, 2013, 05:22:18 PM

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Touhou Tea Party?

5 (71.4%)
2 (28.6%)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 7



ATTENTION: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Hey everyone! Guess who's coming back to organize the Touhou Gathering! Me! Rejoice! Kidding. DON'T. I also have a co-organizer with me too! Weee!

Last year's gathering was a success and so was the after gathering tea party! I was wondering if you guys want to do it again. All the fun everywhere!


Day: Saturday
TIME: 3:00 PM
Meeting place: G9
LOCATION: G9 (In front of the convention center entrance)

Here's a link of the location just in case:

List of Attending

Kotuea~ Hourai Doll(fanart ver.)
Silent One~ Kirisame Marisa (military ver.?)
Chen-Yakumo~ Mizuhashi Parsee
squishynin~ Sekibanki
23rd_Break~ Remilia Scarlet

Photography Order

Group shot with everyone

Group shots for each game:
Touhou PC-98
Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil (EoSD)
Perfect Cherry Blossom (PCB)
Imperishable Night (IN)
Phantasmagoria of Flower View (PoFV)
Mountain of Faith (MoF)
Subterranean Animism (SA)
Undefined Fantastic Object (UFO)
Ten Desires (TD)
Double Dealing Character (DDC)

Spin offs (Games with the ".5"):
Immaterial and Missing Power (IaMP)
Shoot the Bullet (StB)
Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (SWR)
Touhou Hisoutensoku
Double Spoiler
Fairy Wars
Hopeless Masquerade
Impossible Spell Card


Koumajou Densetsu (Aka. Touhouvania)

Fanart (If Any)


Final Group Shot with everyone

5/12/13 Updated with new games and added info about the Post Gathering Tea Party.

I'm cosplaying this Hourai!!! (I'm going to actually finish it this time...)


Touhou Post-Gathering Tea Party

We'll be eating at Tandoori Oven
Unless you are interested in eating from somewhere else.
We will all gather at the park somewhere near the giant snake statue.

Right after the gathering, if you guys are interested in signing up for an email group, please come to me (Hourai doll) or Lucas (Shikieiki) for more info. There is a TouhouCon coming up this year and I hope you guys can come too.
After signing up, we'll go out to eat and maybe go to the park in front of the Fairmont to talk and/or play games together.

I hope to see most of you come to the Tea Party!


This is that dude on skype that said he's mokou. O n O;;
TF2 Player: Red Medic
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Terror-Watt Geisha Boy
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Gore Screaming Show

Going to try and do either suit wearing Satori or Koishi based off this image

I have a few bits of advice/etc for the general gathering:

1. Try and have everyone stay around a bit after all the big group pictures are done so people can get individual shots of whomever they'd like to.
2. Make sure to not have the gathering at a time that conflicts with other gatherings which have alot of fans of both series (such as was the case with Madoka last year, etc). I'd also suggest having the gathering not on Sunday at all since things like the B&W Ball. The fountain area still won't be all cleared up by Fanime time either, so perhaps you should have the location be at the park across the street? Or maybe that one in direction of the Discovery Museum? 4:00 Saturday?
3. There was a bit of talk about a picnic/after gathering last time that never got off the ground. Now at AX last year they had a pizza party after their Touhou gathering, perhaps we could try and do that/something similar as well? It was quite a success, and its always fun to hang out and chat with fellow fans.


Planned Convention List:
Fanime 2012, SacAnime 2012, AM2 2012, PMX 2012

2012 Cosplay List:
Touhou - Inubashiri Momiji // Izayoi Sakuya (Man-Sakuya Sekken-ya Ver.)
Vocaloid - IA (Genderswap)
Kuroshitsuji - Ciel Phantomhive


Quote from: Gore Screaming Show on January 27, 2013, 07:50:34 PM
3. There was a bit of talk about a picnic/after gathering last time that never got off the ground. Now at AX last year they had a pizza party after their Touhou gathering, perhaps we could try and do that/something similar as well? It was quite a success, and its always fun to hang out and chat with fellow fans.

Thank you for the suggestions!
That sounds like a good idea too. I wonder how many people are up for it though.
I'll be making a poll then if people want to do a post-gathering party or something.

Updated! Come to me Touhou fans! Give me your names!

Gore Screaming Show

Well if AX can do it Fanime certainly can too (we've had bigger turnouts by at least ten plus in the past three years as well soooooo...)

There's a matter of logistics and what not but I'd be glad to lend a hand if needed/etc. Alot of people showed up to the impromptu Touhou Skygirls tourney last year in the game room with just some good word of mouth at the con, which is further evidence if we have concrete plans in place we'll have at least some takers.


HAIII I'mma be going as Patchouli for this gathering :3

Gore Screaming Show

Just a quick few possible food choices for the after gathering:

1. There is an Amici's pizza within a mile walking that can deliver.
2. There is also PF Changs really close by (just a block over from the back end of the Fairmont).
3. Cheesecake platters from Safeway are always a popular choice to (and delicious).

Iori E

The tall Sakuya from last year is back~

I'll be coming as Komachi this time.  I think.  I'll try my best, but plans may change.


Updated and there shall be more people!

I'll note that I might be a maid for the Fanimaid cafe, so I'm probably having someone else host the after-party-shindig-thingy.
If there are volunteers to host this, that would be great.

By the way... Everyone!
I would like to know what kind of location that you would want for a gathering.
Seems that the big room that the badges were being distributed is going to open as a gathering location!
Do you guys want that or maybe kind of the same old location from the past couple years which is near the "fountain?"
Or at the park further down near the Fairmont?

Do you guys want it to happen in the morning or in the afternoon?


Gore Screaming Show

Well having to rush off afterwards wouldn't be the best for the official gathering either, so I'd suggest trying to schedule a morning shift and have the later afternoon/evening open (if all possible). Since I was the one who suggested the after gathering in the first place I wouldn't mind taking over main hosting duties for that (and I have some friends who would be willing to help).

Having the gathering in the evening is more ideal anyway since it's less likely people have solid plans afterwards (panels/artist alley/dealers room dying down, people wanting to get dinner anyway so why not with fellow Touhou fans/etc). The new lobby area is pretty nice and would hold the fifty or so people well enough, but I still feel the park would be better just due to having more open space (there's always a chance of a freak rainstorm like happened in 2011 but needless to say the odds of that are quite low).

So to sum it up 4:00/4:30 Saturday in the park accross the street from the Fairmont, festivites to take place afterwards is my vote. And for those voted yes I'd appericate your input regarding food and the like.


I'll be there as Murasa, and my friend as Yuuka.

Silent One

Since Iori isn't doing Sakuya, I am fortunately cosplaying Sakuya this year to finish off the braid combo. (I was the tall Meiling with the red wig and doing all the low "crouching" poses.)

Gore Screaming Show

Getting this back to the front page with a few musings for possible after dinner activites:

1. Fairmont pool lounging/swimming.
2. Gameroom/Mario Kart 64 battle mode/Twinkle Star Sprites/etc goodtimes.


Going as Chen with my husband as Ran. Depending on whether the gathering is after artist alley closes or not will determine if our Yukari will join us as well, but we'll all be down for an after party. :3


Okay! Updated!

And guys... Everyone! I need more input on when and where the gathering is going to take place at.

The only suggestion I got is at 4:30 pm at the park.
However, there is a cosplayer hangout that has a raffle at that time. Just saying if anybody wanted to go to that.

I'm not sure if you guys want that time.

I need to get the time slot ASAP.


Make it Saturday like last time. Probably some time after lunch may work.


Minority Ideas here.
Entering for the gathering as Remilia Scarlet [Fanart Version]

Reference is this I suppose

Click here because I feel too lazy to rip off the picture and uploading it to photobucket sucks

For the location: You need to look up the new area that was posted near there. Because the area where the fountains were seems to be sealed off because of the construction that's going on...