Touhou Project Gathering 2014

Started by Kotuea, January 19, 2013, 05:22:18 PM

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Touhou Tea Party?

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Probably not a good idea to go out to eat far away, but Tandoori Oven sounds nice! We could go there instead!


I'll be going as Parsee Mizuhashi! If it does end up being at 3-4 PM, I would have to leave early so I can make it to the Higurashi gathering.
Cosplays planned for Fanime: Kinoshita Hideyoshi, Chen, to be decided.


No problem Chen-Yakumo! I'll add you to the list!

Just sent in my confirmation for the gathering! I'm rather worried though because there barely any replies about coming to the gathering.... I do know a good number of people coming, but no replies on here.... Then again they replied on Facebook....

I updated the Tea Party information. Please check!


Will be going as Renko Usami. Anyone going as Mary?
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I'd be quite surprised to see the gathering shrink by any less than ten people, Fanime has always had the biggest Touhou gatherings since 2010. Since I don't have a Facebook it will be a nice surprise to see who everyone is cosplaying as.

Ho, a Touhoucon? Something I'm certainly interested in, though a place to stay might be an issue (also I'd rather carpool than drive down myself, etc).

... huh, there was a picnic last weekend as well? Speaking of which, there's going to be one on 8/2 here in San Jose (at Kelley Park). Great to see them happening all over the state.


I'm rather worried though, I know some people replied on the California Touhou Fans Facebook group that they're going and there's likely to be a lot more coming, but the lack of responses on this thread makes it seem small. Last year, I listed about 20-30 people on here and then 20+ more came to the gathering. There will be more people at the gathering than what's listed here.

People are just not replying on the forums... A lot of things have came very late in regards to Fanime... Not sure if that accounts for anything.

For TouhouCon, the staff is planning out rides I think.... I'm not sure. The picnic though, we had to use google docs to see who is available to drive/ride in certain places.

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Well, I do agree that the sudden lack of replies here is strange (and it doesn't help Fanime this year in particular seems very last minute in general, hopefully the final year of such lack of planning). It wasn't that long ago by new year that hotel and badge reg would already be up (AA for some reason has been March/April all of my eight plus years of attending this con). Still going to be a fun gathering and a fun con regardless though. It's just hard to see the gathering drastically shrinking in such a way that the lack of replies here would seem to indicate.

Any idea of what they're planning for rooming? I usually buy a lot of stuff for the picnics myself, partially out of obligation as the founder of the local gatherings, because I can afford it, and that we're just honestly not very well organized :< We've suffered from have a strong social media presence in particular, we do have a FB page but the people in charge are only slightly more willing to engage with the site than I am. I'd love to get back to where we at with the first picnic that August 2010 with it's twenty or so people.... we eat well and have a lot of fun cultural outings.


ah you guys need some more confirmation on here?
I mentioned it on the fb page but I'll be attending as sekibanki if I can get the costume done in 3 days orz

and hopefully I can also attend the picnic!

also what is this about a touhoucon??


Still here. Remilia official version.


From what I've been told, it's going to be located at UC Irvine. The hotel was too expensive overall. It's supposed to be a one day con. <----Here's the link for the Con

I hope that there would be more small events like having a picnic outside a con to meet other people. Of course the social media forms this wall and it's better to meet people in real life.

Quote from: squishynin on May 15, 2014, 06:15:10 PM
ah you guys need some more confirmation on here?

I would like to have confirmations on this thread, so I can get an idea of how many people are coming. I know that I posted on Facebook about it and many replied, but the forums give me a clearer idea of who's coming and how many.

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I hope you can make it back this year! Going to be a great time.


Hmm, I wonder what they might have in store rooming wise then for those coming from the far parts of the state then. The location is about what I expected it would be, makes the most sense for a first time event.

Yeah, the social media angle is just something that ultimately has to be dealt with. My goal is have the picnic specifics ironed out by Fanime time so we can get the word out there as well (and have all the info already up where it needs to be). August for the picnic, September for TouhouCon. There's usually a fall, winter, and spring Bayhou gathering as well to go with the summer one.


Quick question: the touhou fun panel is right after the gathering. Are we accommodating for that? I don't know if you guys talk to the dudes that run that stuff too.

I'll probs still go to the tea party afterward if not tho :V

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Nyello! I'll be returning this year as Chen~ I guess it's a custom short-sleeved edition? I dunno, I gave my aunt pics in '11 and she kinda made her own creative version I guess. XD I should be able to make the tails this year at the con.. :x
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Well, we did take a brief Sky Girls break before getting pizza last year....