Bakuretsu Tenshi

Started by ChenCzen, May 14, 2004, 10:45:16 AM

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My brother let me get a copy of the first 3 episodes of this series, and I like it so much that I had to share it with you.

go here and what the pretty flash movie. then check out the characters section. (click on the eyes of the character you wanna see, then put your mouse over thier profile and you can see thier outfit.

The jist of the series is this group of gung-ho gals hires a cooking school student to be thier personal chef. They lead crazy mercenary lives and this spills over into his. lots of robots, gunplay, and humor.

The main character is Joe. Shes the girl who looks like Gunner Yuna...

I will be cosplaying the cooking student at fanime, Kyohei. Since hes a non-combatant im most likely going to be dual weilding some hello kitty spatulas or a frying pan, whatever.

its by Gonzo, the makers of Full Metal Panic. Please check it out!
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I've seen it and I like it, from the 1st 2 episodes. I'll wait until someone releases it on fansub DVD-R instead.  :D  That way, I can watch that series on the TV instead  :D
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I read a review about that anime; the reviewer didn't like it too much. However, after hearing your description, I wouldn't mind checking it out for myself to form my own opnion. Do you know if there's a place where I can get the show fansubbed? If not, I could always resort to buying import bootlegs... hee hee.

I checked out the site; those are some pretty nice character designs! How's the animation for the show?
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So far, it's pretty standard, however, it does have potential to become really good.  About 4 eps have been released so we'll have to keep watching to see how it goes...
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Download Saikou's version, please! =.P
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WOO!!!! GUN BUNNIES AND GIANT MECHA!!!!! can it get any better than this?!?!?!?  :D  :D  :D