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Started by portato, February 24, 2013, 07:06:19 PM

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How safe would be the walk from the Greyhound Station to the SJCC? Would it be fine during the morning and evening hours? Would there be a route that is recommended (or just take a taxi to be safe)?
It's fairly safe! I'm not entirely sure about the immediate area but my friend and I walked from the Pizza Chicago nearby to the convention center around 10pm about a month ago and it was not at all scary or problematic.  Morning/evening should be even more comfortable.

As far as routes go, I think your best bet would be to head down San Fernando towards Market and then head towards San Carlos to the convention center (which is showing up as the first result for walking directions on Google Maps)!
Market St. is great because that's where the Fairmont is, so it's kind of an extension to the convention premises in that people will be more likely to understand what's going on.

But yeah it all should be pretty safe so I wouldn't worry about that too much! 

Edit: As far as taking a taxi over I don't think it should be necessary unless you're carrying a lot with you (it's about a half-mile walk). HOWEVER, if you're arriving on a weekday, there is a free shuttle provided by VTA that runs straight to the convention center from there and from Diridon Station roughly every 15 minutes. On weekdays and Saturdays, the 81 westbound runs from there to the convention center as well, for $2 each way or $6 for a day pass.
I ride VTA fairly often and I've never felt threatened while riding it so I think it's a very viable option!

Thank you so much! I feel much more better knowing it's safe. Much appreciate your answer!  :)


If anything, the best walking route is Paseo de San Antonio if you're gonna walk downtown, because of higher walking traffic and well lit. It's the path between the Fairmont towers and SJSU campus. The convention center area itself if good too, but avoid 1st and San Salvador because that's where most clubs and drinking tend to happen at night/weekends


Yes!  Downtown San Jose isn't bad... and your walk to the Fairmont is pretty short, so no worries!!
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To make sure cars can see you try putting a reflector on your cosplay or put one on while crossing streets!
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Yes!  Downtown San Jose isn't bad... and your walk to the Fairmont is pretty short, so no worries!!
Really, people can see what goes on from the con if they look towards just before the Fairmont. Plus, there's always cars passing by. Like, djmonolith said: the walk "is pretty short": there are people who sprint across the park/street towards the hotel. Though, I cannot safely recommend doing so, due to that fact you may get ran over. So, if you really wanted to: you can get to the fairmont from the con in less than 2 min(<1 if you have exp running).

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Echoing what's been said here already, Downtown SJ can get pretty sketch, but as long as you travel in a group or are very aware of your surroundings you ought to be fine. Traveling with someone is still your best bet. And if you need to travel by Jack in the Box/La Vic's or anywhere near SJSU, make sure you have at least three people in your group. That's a popular spot for ruffians to congregate.


Something that hasn't been mentioned yet in terms of safety, is that you should always use crosswalks and traffic lights instead of jaywalking/jayrunning. Common sense, huh? But of course there's always the light rail going down San Carlos St and you may trip over your cosplay, as an example. Respect the crossings and you'll be safe in that kind of way.


Last year I was always with my boyfriend so I've never felt unsafe walking between the con and the Fairmont and even at 1 or 2 in the morning there were always other con-goers to walk with. If you just take a few minutes to walk with the other people from the convention you should be just fine. As other have pointed out use common sense, don't jaywalk especially at night, walk tall and confidant. Maybe buy a small flashlight key-chain or can of mace if you're truly worried about being alone. Some of the larger props alone can be quite the deterrent.



I wish i knew you well, that way i would be able to walk you to the hotel, what everyone said is true, avoid south of st claire or the park yo

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