Con Stories: Fanime Edition -Submitted-

Started by clawmaster, March 23, 2013, 02:16:32 AM

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Hey guys its been awhile since I last been on the fanime forums. anyways wanted to let everyone know that I just submitted a panel that me and my crew plan to do at fanime on Satruday (fingers cross) Its called Con Stories: Fanime Edition. We will be talking about our favorite convention stories over the years and also let the entire audience get involved and have all of you tells us your best convention stories. We will have prizes, details on that I update here to let you guys know more about it as fanime draws gets closer. I am also looking into possibly streaming the panel live on our twitch channel, but not sure if I be able to. Mostly depends on the internet at the convention center, but if not I can always just record it and upload it later on. But yea to give you guys a taste of what we have in plan check out con stories panel we did over at Sac Anime this past year.

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