Magi Gathering 2016

Started by MaigoLily, March 27, 2013, 05:38:01 PM

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I would be interested in going to the gathering if there is one. I cosplay as Yamuraiha :D


ahh if this is still happening I might come as Morgiana!! If not, I'd like to meet you guys in a mini unofficial gathering or something :)
2017 Lineup:
Friday: Maid Class Sakura (Fire Emblem Fates)
Saturday AM: Kagura / PM: Yume no Tobira Rin
Sunday AM: Asui Tsuyu / PM: Koizumi Mahiru
Monday: Watanabe You(?)


Hello! I'm also down for a mini Magi gathering and I can be Yamu or Sharrkan  ;D ;D


omg I'm so sorry guys ;A; I'm not bringing Pisti this year, but if you guys want to organize a mini gathering, I'd love to see you all!


Sorry, I didn't check back till now and its already convention time lol. I'm on my phone right now, I brought both of my Magi cosplays just in case, either way I hope to see more Magi cosplayers this weekend :) I will be Hakuryuu and Kouha this weekend,  I already saw a other Hakuryuu today, she was really nice. I will be Kouha tomorrow <3