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Anime you liked better than the manga?

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I know a lot of anime series change the original story line for logistical reasons like (1) manga isn't finished yet (2) the company thought it would make more money this way.
I was curious to what anime you actually liked/preferred over the manga because it had an alternate plot/ending.

Personally I thought Black Butler did really well in its anime adaptation, especially how season two brought in so many other characters.
I thought Magi did really well too, despite it being rushed. Hopefully season 2 of Magi will be better and fill in some of the loop holes!

What are your thoughts?

Admiral Donuts:
There are some scenes in One Piece that they really amped up for the Anime. There's a lot of action, so that helps.

I do wonder what Anime have different endings than their manga counterparts, is there a list anywhere?

Usually, people prefer manga endings rather than the anime because the manga endings/plots are more detailed/extended than the anime.

I agree with you about Black Butler.  The anime is just gorgeous.  I have never read the Magi manga.

I know people are going to kill me, but I have (finally) started reading Naruto.  I am surprised at how much I love the manga.  However, I actually like watching the fight scenes on TV better than trying to figure out what the heck is going on in the manga.


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