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Anime you liked better than the manga?

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haha, i think most fight scenes are better in anime anyways. XD


--- Quote from: Jeimizu on April 05, 2013, 12:05:39 AM ---There are some scenes in One Piece that they really amped up for the Anime. There's a lot of action, so that helps.

--- End quote ---

True that. I had to watch the anime version during the Punk Hazard arc since there are too many stuffs going on, so it ended up being too chaotic in the manga. lol


Initial D... it goes along with what others have already stated: any action is better in anime than reading it through manga. But Initial D was one of those I couldn't stand in manga format. I just couldn't sit through three pages... .__."

I preferred the anime version of Hajime no Ippo, in terms of the boxing matches.

Anime version of romance animes tends to be better... althought the plot and certain details ;P are not as good...


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