Yaoi? Chibi? Define plz...

Started by Logik, May 17, 2004, 09:00:35 PM

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Quote from: "Kyle stabell"Oh and Yuri also is the name of a caracter from Comand & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge 8)

Because Yuri is also a male given name in Russia. XD


sooo... how would you say 'go for the beer!"?


Quote from: "Oneiros"sooo... how would you say 'go for the beer!"?

That I'm not so sure of... XD

But lemme know if you find out, cos that would sound hella cool! ^_^d


Go for the beer. I don't know the slang for it but it would be:

"Beer o nome!"
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teehee all the things i remember learning in japanese class XD wow
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:o  all that was much help for me. i am also not so much in the dark
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its funny that somehow u have Chibi and Yaoi in the same line...

2 totally different things...

unless its already been explained...  Chibi refers to Sd aka super deformed where an anime chracter has a big head small body... the chracichers ( bad spelling )

and yaoi... thats a different can of worms ( totally bad metaphor ) basically this is like queer eye for the anime fan girl...

boys with boys, and very efeminate men... getting... intamite..  and i guess i should leave it at that... =P


I keep hearing a term that I'm unfamiliar with, and I'm hoping someone out there can give me a definition. The word is "sugoi"; I'm not sure if that's the correct spelling, since I've only heard it and never read it, but I generally hear it being exclaimed by perky energetic J-pop stars. Any help would be appreciated.
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'wow!' or 'awesome!'

i think O_o
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I just thought of a couple of other terms you guys might be able to help me with. First, what's the difference between DerCosplay and DasCosplay if any? Second, what was Gakufest? I'm thinking Musicfest, but I may be wrong. Finally, what does oro mean? I noticed Kenshin say this as I read through a couple of the mangas. Once again, thanks lots!
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gaku means amount (of money) or  picture frame ?

...oro means..(got this from a dictionary)

post-natal vag.... discharge  :D
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...i thought gaku was a shortened form of ongaku...the japanese word for music


Quote from: "DayDreamerNessa"'wow!' or 'awesome!'

i think O_o

Yep.. your right.

And DerCosplay and DasCosplay german. Think its "The"cosplay since its hosted by "Deter".  If your old school like me youll know where "Deter" comes from.  Saturday Night Live.
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sagoi = an expression of cool or awsomeness in our slang...

i think its always been

" der cosplay " refering to Deiter's chracter since he's some supposed german director of... stufff

and yah gaku fest = music fest...

pretty simple ne ?

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Oro is the signature term coined by Himura Kenshin.  It's used in the series in the same context as ano (translated to be roughly "umm...") and ara (used by girls only, same as ano but can also mean along the lines of "oh my").  I think the director used this term becuase he was known for using it in the same way or something like that.  Forget exactly why.  But, yea.  There's your translation.  Hope that helped.

As a side note/addition:

Kore wa... = This is...
Dame! = No!/Don't!
Itai = ouch


Quote from: "Charming_Dorian"...i thought gaku was a shortened form of ongaku...the japanese word for music

oh? it was shorten? I didn't know that....!

more words:
kokoro = heart
ike! = go
nan dayo = what!?
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even tho i use it alot myself at ranodom times...

correct me since i'm probably wrong... but does anyone know the proper use of the word  " ne "  ?

i know some ppl that always end there sentances with the word " ne "

funny ne ?

go figure...  :roll:


I think "ne" is roughly translated as "isn't it" or "is it not"

So when saying how nice the weather is it would be:

Ee otenkey des ne?  (Roughly: good weather it is isn't it?

So des ne. (Roughly: So it is inst it.)

(yes my spelliing is bad  :P )

"ne" also can be used when talking to about someone sorta like "aren't you" but I don't have an example (that I can spell anyways) off the top of my head.