Sailor Moon 2013 Gathering

Started by MissPanda, April 09, 2013, 11:22:03 PM

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@stormyspirit eeek! You're gonna look so cute with your BF as the princess and TM!
@FairyChrissy Yay! Another pretty Venus, theres gonna be too much faboulus for everyone to handle!
@kill3rsushi Can't wait to see you and Chip's couple cosplay! Gotta love the Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask couples!
@sammywhatammy AHHHH! Love this design! Who cares the season, you're gonna look so cute!
@vladafurman  Sailor Saturn is so cool! Can't wait to see it!


Sorry all about the little hiatus. This year my finals are all the way up to that Thursday and work is well work >_>But I'M GETTING REALLY EXCITED! There are so many great costumes coming and so many more! Remember if you see a Sailor Moon Character Friday or Saturday tell them about the gathering the more we have, well the  more amazing Sailor Moon Cosplay will have X) Again sorry about the little disappearing act. Can't wait to see you all and Thank you!


I'm still going to be there, but my Chibimoon has decided to do a different gathering/costume on Sunday. Sorry.

I saw a few senshi wandering around today. I'm excited to see everyone together for the gathering on Sunday!


Has anyone found any photos from this gathering?


I guess I'll be first to post pics from this gathering (and some that are not from the gathering) . Oh, and thank you MissPanda for running this gathering, you always do a great job.


I am sorry I missed this. I was sewing to the very end.
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Does anyone know if MissPanda is planning on hosting this again? She hasn't been online it seems since last May and I wanted to see if maybe anyone knew her personally.
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I last spoke with her a few days ago and sadly she won't be hosting this year. I was hoping someone would since sailor moon will be coming out againt his summer but no one has taken the reigns and its last minute :(
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