2013 Panels Waiting List - Information

Started by Kava, April 15, 2013, 06:53:32 PM

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At this time, the original schedule planned for panels for the 2013 con year is full.
Panels which have not yet been scheduled, but have also not received a notice that we are declining their panel will be sent an invitation to the waiting list.

Panels placed onto the schedule from the waiting list within the next week will appear on the pocket schedule, and on the website, but will not appear in the program guide.

Due to the number of panels currently slated for the waiting list, we are considering increasing the number of hours on the panels schedule for this year. Our current plans are to expand hours by opening at 9am on Saturday and Sunday rather than 10am, and possibly open up at 2pm on Friday rather than 3pm. These additional time slots will be filled from the waiting list.

An E-mail with information about the waiting list, and an invitation to join the waiting list will go out within the next few days.
Invitations to the time slots open to the waiting list will begin going out later this week.

If you have questions about the waiting list, you can ask them here, or email us at panelsATfanimeDOTcom.
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