[2013] BIOSHOCK gathering

Started by Faraday, April 22, 2013, 06:23:35 PM

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I'll be there as Elizabeth!! so excited!!
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If everything goes as planned, I'll be another Elizabeth from another tear. :P
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updated the list!

I was at the convention center last weekend for Big Wow! Comicfest, and everything's completely changed or under massive construction. This is definitely going to be an interesting con. :P

How's everyone's costumes going?
I'm still doing last minute touches on mine!



Quote from: Faraday on May 20, 2013, 12:07:40 PM
How's everyone's costumes going?
I'm still doing last minute touches on mine!

Good to go.

Hopefully the lack of free space doesn't cause any issues with the gathering.
Figure we can use strength in numbers to assert our territory in either case.  :D

Devi 1313

Ugh, there's a chance I may miss the gathering, due to being in the pre-reg line. I will definitely be wearing Little Sister the rest of the day though! If I don't make it I hope to run into folks!
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Hey guys, thanks for coming out and helping make my first gathering a success! About 25+ people showed up which was more than I was expecting, and I saw tons more Bioshock cosplayers roaming the halls too.
I tried to hold off starting photos as long as I could because I know a few stragglers would show up late and that the registration line was hell. But all in all, considering I have no experience talking in front of groups of people, I'd like to think this went pretty well, lol.


Bummed out that I forgot about the gathering and missed it. Definitely gonna try and create my Big Daddy cosplay for next year though!