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Started by davidnguyen408, April 23, 2013, 06:53:57 PM

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Hello everybody, my wife and I have a suggestion for Fanime 2013. I've been talking to different local food trucks who would love to come out to Fanime for lunch and dinner services. They tried last year, but due to parking they had to leave early. So we hope that someone from Fanime Staff will see this thread to help bring the food truck to the convention. That way con goers can get some tasty treats for great prices. Please help get this noticed to invite them.

Scoops SJ Ice Cream Truck
408) 471-7277

We Sushi
(415) 706-5933

O Mi Ninja SJ
(408) 890-9036

Mogo BBQ

And more...


oooo, theres another food truck buisness that i think could do really well at fanime. thats their link. you should check them out if you can get food trucks for fanime.

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We have considered the idea, but there are many considerations, especially when it comes to food and money. We will keep on looking into it and see what we can do.
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Yeah, last year there was a small festival going on and quite a few food trucks at the park in front of the Fairmont.  Was a nice surprise.
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I'd be really down for this


We've been trying to have food trucks come out, but we don't have anywhere we could put them that wouldn't be violating any rules. :(

(We also have a list of food trucks that would be interested in coming out.)
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If those food trucks came out to Fanime, I'd probably spend more time sampling them all than actually doing con things, haha~ Sounds delicious. (I want to try that lavender honey ice cream, especially -- sounds really yummy!)

If there's a way to make this happen, I'd be totally down for it. :D


Oh my goodness, I love food trucks. They would save me the trouble of hoping Subway stays stocked on meat for the subs I usually eat.


I was gonna suggest this as well but like the staff has said I can't think of somewhere to put them. The park would be the obvious choice but it's kinda off the area and some people don't even venture out from the con location. Too bad we need the concrete slab for cosplay gatherings so much and can't park them there ^^
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They food trucks could do what was done outside of AnimeExpo:

Go to one of the parking lots nearby the convention center and rent it out directly between all of them and setup for a set period of time. It was all done by the food truck collective.
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i find this too be a great idea!!


I love Mogos and Scoops. But I can see the conflicts that can arise with SJCC food services among others. If they can park and serve on Viola Ave, that'll be awesome as they'll be close to AA


i assume since I've seen a food truck event there before.. but Parque De Los Pobladores right down the street where Market and 1st come together can support a group of them.
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Why not put a food truck thing in the area where Artist alley was?
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Quote from: demetria656 on September 22, 2013, 12:02:24 AM
Why not put a food truck thing in the area where Artist alley was?
Sounds like a good idea, but... It will cost extra to rent the south hall, to my knowage they can not have any running motors or gas powered generators inside the building, and in not too sure the convention center would like to have food venders there, or it would make them pay a fee for allowing them to be there.
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Hey all. Its a great idea and we will work to implement it, but its also a complicated issue that involve a lot of logistics between the SJCC, Fanime and the vendors. Logistics that are difficult to understand and juggle unless you are in those businesses. That said, we will keep the idea in mind and work to implement it if we can. until then, I am going to lock this thread. Let me know if you have something else to add and I will unlock it.

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