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Started by Gil, April 28, 2013, 10:56:34 AM

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my name is Gil, my selling partner will be TGK, so if you guys notice us by what we are selling, say whats up and we thank you for stopping by

things we will be selling at 2014 fanime swap meet just to let some people see what we're bringing

will be trying to set up another raffle kinda of deal using a bingo ball cage thing, more on it at the swap meet =w=

we will also try to do trading for card singles for their respective games

gonna be posting some pics and info about what we're trying to sell in the days leading to fanime:

quick list off the top of my head, and will be editing this as we get closer to fanime, are:

magic the gathering singles - commons, uncommons, rares, promos, foils, etc..

cardfight vanguard singles - commons, rares, rr-sp stuff

not too sure about yugioh, but we'll try to have some staples and other collectibles

pokemon cards - mostly rares and foils of older sets and new format stuff

SNSD Girl's Generation collectible cards - commons and some foils

some card supplies - dice, sleeves, deck boxes

plushies - hello kitty, pokemon, etc...

other random stuff - street fighter 25th anniversary posters, world of warcraft tcg cards from older sets, vs system marvel/ dc cards, some ps3 games, more to comes as i get more info!

thanks for checking this out, come back for updates, and hope to see you guys there!



SNSD girl's generation cards

KARA cards

plushies and toys

magic the gathering stuff (not everything, this pic is just a preview)

some cardfight vanguard stuff (not everything, this pic is just a preview) sorry for the bad quality lol

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary posters

random video game figures

Pokemon cards mostly older stuff


Doesn't hurt to ask... Got 2ne1 cards? =O


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@djmonolith and @yotsuba nah sorry no 2ne1 stuff, I wish there were cards, I would buy so much TT~TT


TT.TT I know what you mean... They don't have much merchandise... And what there is, is so expensive... 


Any estimate on the prices of the plushies?
That Pochacco is freaking wonderful.


@lanislori darn you beat me to the pochacco lol

but yes are there any prices set on the plushies?


im gonna get back to you guys on the plushies, around saturday night, thanks for checking our stuff out and hope to see you at our swap meet spot :3


wondering if you'll be selling playmats as well? if so what will be the price range? thanks!


@Online we will have some playmats, mostly naruto ones, ill try to post pics soon

@cottoncandymuffin @lanislori the plushies will be at most 10-15 for the larger ones and less for the smaller ones, the pochacco would be around 10