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Started by Adnarimification, May 01, 2013, 07:17:27 AM

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I'm flying in out of state and attending fanime for the first time this year and I'm curious about the food accommodations. 

What are some of the best fast food or even restaurant places to eat at in San Jose? (that are in the downtown/near the convention area)

I've seen the list provided by Fanime's main site...I would just like to hear what you personally find tasteful and delicious!!!!
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Lucky you, the convention center is center to a bunch of great places within walking distance! I haven't checked out the food list, but I have two stops I have to make each and every year. The Tandoori Oven is right behind the Fairmont hotel in that shopping strip, just a little bit beyond Johnny Rockets. Their Chicken Tikka Masala is amazing, and the portions are large enough (while reasonably priced!) I always have leftovers! Stop #2 is in the opposite direction, a family style Chinese restaurant called Bo Town. Love their wanton soup. And because it's family style, the more people you have go with you, the cheaper the meal gets! :)


Going to add Pho 69 and Amichi's which are both within walking distance. Gordon Biersch is another good place within walking distance but is more expensive than the others suggested in this thread.
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phr34kish: oh gah you made my mouth water. Definitely going to have make sure I go to the tandoori oven for sure!

Thanks for the input!

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Don't forget some of our hometown favorites fast food joints like La Victorias (La Vic's for short) for an awesome and inexpensive burrito. Or if youre lucky, you can score a Korrito (Korean Burrito with bulgolgi) from the Mogos Food Truck if it stops by again this year! ;)
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If you are into pizza I have the place for you. It's classy, upscale and it's a good place to relax with a group of friends.

Amici's East Coast Pizzeria
225 W. Santa Clara St. (Downtown SJ)
San Jose, CA 95133

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Johnny Rocket, or Peggy Su's for american style dinner. those are well with in 2 blocks. For Pizza there is Pizza my Heart just down the street, and the other mention one, both good. The is Psycho Donuts next to Pizza my heart if you want some morning treats.

But really there is like any kind of restaurants within 4-5 blocks. San Pedro Square Market had something for everyone.
Here is a pdf list of near by restaurants provided by San Jose visitors guide. I'm sure this will help.
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For those on a budget there are a few grocery stores within walking distance.  Cheap restaurants are near San Jose State.

San Jose Japantown, one of only 3 in the US, is a short drive or 4 stops on lightrail away.

More info here:


Thank you everyone that's replied. I'm actually excited to try out any if not all these food places! Hoo yeah!!!!
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I agree with thread starter. I'm driving in from out of state and I have only been to San Jose once(I was with a boring crowd so we didn't go anywhere exciting)

But now that I have a new crowd we want to explore and try new places we wouldn't get elsewhere. So thanks for the replies as well.


Hey everyone! as an SJSU student, I'd like to share some of my experiences with the local food areas/spots.

If you look at culturals map, SJSU is in brown. A little to the top left, it says Philz Coffee (on my map its marked as that POINT A) that area is a fairly safe, highly lighted up area because its inbetween condos. Philz Coffee is great for the hipster life and theres TOGOS there as well as smaller french cafes. Theres also Quickly's Boba Tea and Snacks (CASH ONLY). They have a Happy Hour after 5 pm but I'm not sure if they're planning on removing this promo during fanime (i need to check this and if it applies on weekends. ill take a picture of this promo monday)

For people that need 7 Elevens!

Marked in red is the two closest 7 Elevens walking distance.

The farthest 7 eleven, marked here below, is inbetween other cool food spots (a local hotdog joint, a bagel shop, cafes etc). It's also really close to all the frat houses.

From personal experience, this one is safer than the one on S Sixth Street, which is REALLY shadier at night.

BTW - If you go on campus, it's usually safe but it gets really shady by the area where it says "wellsfargo atm". this is because many city people, besides students, use the atms there and honestly, there have been an increase in robberies on campus as of recent.

If you are on campus and dont feel safe, there are blue towers throughout campus that have a red light on top of them. they are phones connected to our police and anyone can use them

OK! so those are my updates for now. I'll post more when i get back to school :) - the more you know, the better you feel :)
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not sure if stated, But Iguanas has excellent mexican food, and a 20 dollar Burritozilla the size of mans arm!
and i recommend also the indian restaurant stated above and the pita pit.

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One of my favorite places is Naglee Park Garage on 11th and San Carlos (on Hakaru_chan's map). Everything there is hand-crafted and most of their ingredients are grown in their backyard garden. It was also seen on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Food Network and there is a Guy Fieri autograph inside the restaurant. My favorite is their brussell sprouts, because it's steamed and infused with olive oil and bacon. Not everyone likes brussell sprouts, but I love theirs.

I also love Supreme Dog next door to Naglee Park Garage.


There is this great boba place (Quickly or something I believe) that sells spectacular spicy calamari!

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Original Joes has some pretty bomb Italian food. It's a family owned place and the servers are really friendly towards con goers. However the menu can be a bit on the expensive side (not sure what your budget is) but if you have the cash the pasta is sure worth it! :) It's also right next to the Saint Claire if you are staying there.


It's a bit less conveniently located than some other options, but the San Pedro Square Market is wonderful and provides a food court style environment in an upscale way, which is perfect for a group that wants to eat together but is having a conflict of tastes.
The prices are comprable to most sit-down restaurants in the area, sometimes a bit cheaper.
As far as distance goes it's about 5 blocks away from the convention center.

My favorite places in the market are the Little Chef Counter and TreatBot! Everything I've had so far has been delicious.


More Food Notes for the Hungry:

The Subway that's in the same Fairmont plaza but on the other side of the building of the Johnny Rockets, Tandoori Oven; and on the same side of the Starbucks, House of Siam, and Icebee Yogurt apparently delivers!

Here is another image of the Quickly's promotion I was talking about. I'm hoping they will have this special going on during Fanime!
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That last picture looks like me especially the jacket.


Are there any good Japanese food places within walking distance besides the one at the Fairmont?


Quote from: mariotheotaku on May 10, 2013, 11:32:29 PM
Are there any good Japanese food places within walking distance besides the one at the Fairmont?
There's the Quickly just mentioned.  It's at 140 Paseo De San Antonio.  20 different bento boxes! Everything from hamburgers and hot dogs to eel and fried octopus.