Street Clock for Clockwork Alchemy 2013

Started by aetherltd, May 10, 2013, 01:11:58 PM

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Last year, we built a street clock for Clockwork Alchemy, and set it up outside our Telegraph Office. On the way back from Clockwork Alchemy, its tall post, which was just plaster, was broken.  So this year, we have a bigger and stronger one.

Street clock in its natural habitat

We set this up outside the coffee shop where we have our local steampunk meetup. Nobody noticed it was a prop.

Close-up in our garage.

10.5 feet high. Big enough to look real. It comes apart for transport.

The column is corrugated aluminum. These come from a company that makes aluminum siding for repairing old houses.

Make your porch column look fancy with one of these.

The base and top are wood. There's a heavy wooden post in the base to give it stability. It's painted municipal green, like most real street clocks, with enough coats to give both wood and metal a solid look. The clocks (one on each side) are from Target.   

This will be at Clockwork Alchemy, which needed a big clock.

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Me gusta. It looks very legit. I would have instantly thought it was part of the city. Beautiful job. ^_^


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