Anyone at Fanime going to EDC LV 2013?

Started by hychelseap, May 10, 2013, 02:33:54 PM

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If you are you should hit me up! It'll be nice to meet fellow otakus who dig the EDM scene. It'll be my first time to EDC so it'd be nice to see some familiar faces.

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My Girl and I are planning on going! I produce myself, so it's good to be swept up in the moment every now and again after hours in the home studio. The creation process is something else but the moment you hear that synth kick in and that bass drop over the loud speaker, it's other worldly.
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Sadly not this year, its a bit of drive to go to Vegas, is Vegas so I'll be very temped to spend more money than I have to. But I don't birthday is June so I might just do it as a birthday gift.
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not going this year. went last year though.
this year, my boyfriend and i decided to go to coachella so that was fun :)

have fun!
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