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Started by BSaphire, May 14, 2013, 03:41:06 PM

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Here are my pictures from Fanime Day 0/1 (Thursday/Friday) which is set to public:

Days 2-4 will follow soon


Had a great time at Fanime. Very nice variety of cosplay.

I've finished posting the casual cosplay snapshots on my Facebook page.

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The photoshoots will be posted throughout the next week and a half.

Fanime 2014 - Various Cosplay

Fanime 2014 - Various Cosplay II

Fanime 2014 - Various Cosplay III

Enjoy the photos.

Mirai Noah

Links to my galleries are located in my post here. I didn't take very many photos this year, sadly.


Hello! Here are my galleries so far - they are still being updated (I was pretty trigger-happy) so feel free to like the page for updates. Also tag yourselves! If you tag yourselves via your cosplay page, I'd love to give you a like as well! Thanks for looking~

Hall Photos
Gathering: Tokusatsu / Flickr
Fanime 2014 Costumes:
Kazuraba Kouta | Kazuraba Kouta (Femme) | Hanaki Guriko | Kotobuki Reiji (& its not changing anymore!)
Cosplay Photographer |
Free Shoots @ Fanime:


Video!  This Day 2 video was posted for Cosplay World:

Days 1 and 3 should be posted soon...
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Quote from: klmedia on May 30, 2014, 03:29:51 PM
Had a great time at Fanime. Very nice variety of cosplay.

Enjoy the photos.

I liked these galleries a lot!  Nicely done!
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Fanime 2016 cosplay line-up: Takeru Tenkuji (Kamen Rider Ghost), Sorey (Tales of Zestiria), Dark Pit (Kid Icarus: Uprising)


Here are the photos I took~ Feel free to tag yourself if you find yourself in a photo. If you have any photos of me (Kuroko/ Miku) please message me about it. Thank You and Enjoy!


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My Cosplay Photography gallery, including FanimeCon 2001-2014:

My DeviantArt Page:


Quote from: Stormfalcon on June 07, 2014, 09:17:26 PM
All right, After nearly two weeks of working on them, here are my photos for FanimeCon 2014!  If you're in a shot and you want to use it, feel free to use it so long as you give me credit for the shot!

Day Zero:
Day One:
Day Two:
Day Three:
Day Four:
Kyoryuger Shoot:

Thank you for taking some shots of me Sunday morning as Dig Dug / Taizo Hori.  Following you on DA.
I'm ALWAYS active on the forums!

Retro Cosplay, Easy As XYZ


The final 2014 video has been uploaded...

This video of Day 3 really captures the amazing atmosphere that this special convention creates.  Please view and like if it makes you smile.
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Tez Ryu

I didn't take many photos this year but there are some of:

Ever After High
the MLP Gathering
Alice in Wonderland
Little Mermaid
Sleeping Beauty
and a few Misc ones

Feel free to tag yourself or ask to be tagged!


All of my shots will eventually be here:

FanimeCon 2014

As of this writing, I've uploaded all of my shots from Thursday and Friday, plus a tiny percentage of Saturday's.


I finally got my galleries finished for this year.

And my cosplay set. As usual, if a cosplayer does not like I photo that I took, I'll take it down upon request (send me a message as needed)

And for the heck of it, my parting shot:
Also a Proud Fanime Con Attendee since 1998!
Yay, Haruko.