Sunday May 26, 2013: Game 6 Kings Vs. Sharks

Started by N.E.R.V.agent220, May 21, 2013, 10:50:27 PM

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The San Jose Sharks just tied the series 2-2 which most likely will be heading back to San Jose on Sunday for a Game 6 either up or down 3-2. So the suggestion is, if there are any rooms available either at the Hotels or Convention Center that are not being used during the time of the hockey game. Can Fanime turn those rooms into a viewing room for the Kings/Sharks game?


Showing sports games usually takes a special license to do, which I don't think FanimeCon can (or would) spend money on. That being said, I know a lot of staffers are fans so someone will likely figure something out...
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"Any reproduction, rebroadcast, or distribution without expressed written consent of the National Hockey League is strictly prohibited"

or something like that.

unless we become the 'FanimeCon Sports Network' or something...

There's always TanQ at the Marriott.


There are surely folks who know this better than I do, but aren't there some cool bars around the con that would be a good place to gather (seen as the game is taking place only a short walk from there)?


I watched the game last night at SmokeEaters (of Man V. Food and Hellfire/911 Challenge fame) on 3rd St.

I'm pretty sure TanQ in the Marriott, Affinity in the Hilton, and The City Steakhouse in the Fairmont would have the games on. There's also all the places on San Pedro Square (Peggy Sue's, O'Flathery, Tied House, Sonoma Chicken Coop), Park Ave (Peggy Sue's, Morton's, Scott's), and nearby SJSU (SmokeEaters, Grande Italiana, Peanuts, Cafe Pomegranate, Naglee Park Garage); all that I know of that have TVs that show sports.


It is highly doubtful we would be able to broadcast it, but we do have a pair of tickets to the game that we are auctioning off for Charity Auction. Drop by Stage Zero at 3PM!

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