Unofficial "Did you take my photo?" thread - Fanime 2013

Started by Kyonluver, May 26, 2013, 09:32:10 AM

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Spark Miko Miko


Hi!  I'm looking pictures for my husband and I!

Day 0 - I was cosplaying Tokiha Mai (Mai Hime); short orange hair, school uniform with a yellow vest and light brown miniskirt.  I was in the reg line pretty much the entire time.
Day 1 - Miria Harvent (Baccano!).  The sad, lonely Miria without an Isaac.  T.T  Platinum blonde hair just past the shoulders, flouncy red dress.  Also, if anybody has any photos/videos of my from the karaoke contest, that'd be awesome.
Day 2 - Nobunaga and Nouhime (Sengoku Basara).  See the avatar.
Day 3 - We brought out Nobunaga and Nouhime again in the morning.  In the afternoon/evening, we were cosplaying Madame Red and Grell from Kuroshitsuji.  Most distinguishable characteristic being the tall male Grell. XD
We didn't cosplay today.


I did the Shadar cosplay from Ni No Kuni:

That was basically what it looked like. Wish I had a picture to link to of my actual cosplay, but I don't unfortunately. A few people did get my picture, so I was hoping someone might have taken it and has/will be uploading to the net. If so, please message me  :D

Prodigal Daughter

Friday: Wonderland Alice, with grey striped stockings and very long red hair.
Saturday: Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), with bootcovers instead of tights.
Sunday: Alice again.
Monday: just dressed in lolita, in a bluegrey blouse, black waistcoat, and blue/black striped skirt. Again, my hair is the most recognizeable thing about me; it's quite long.

Thanks kindly, if anyone has my picture!
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  • Character: RED Sniper
    What series: Team Fortress 2
    What day(s) you wore it: Saturday, Sunday
    Reference picture of costume/character:


Character you cosplayed: Battle Bunny Riven
What series he/she/it is from: League Of Legends
What day(s) you wore it: Saturday
It seemed like i was getting stopped for pictures every few minutes so i hope some of you would be kind enough to post some for me to see :3


I was vaas montenegro from far cry 3 and i took a picture with a lara croft in the dealers room, im looking for that lara croft!


I was Shaun from Shaun of the Dead. Any pics appreciated - send me a PM.


Hey guys, if anyone took my picture I'd be super greatful to check it out. :D
Character: Haruko
Series: FLCL

Day : Saturday (Also at night Friday and Saturday)
Character : Marceline
Series: Adventure time (I know there was a million Marcelines at con this year but I was the one with an ACTUAL bass guitar that was shaped as her axe, I also had the grey and red sweater.

Day: Sunday
Character: Seras Victoria
Series: Hellsing OVA
(I had the ridiculously big gun and the blue uniform)


Hi guys! I was mostly in the gameroom around console/eGaming staffing! So if you were in the gamroom and took a lot of pictures of cosplayers, hopefully I'm also one of them.

Friday - Kurousagi (Black Rabbit) from Mondaiji-tachi (Problem Children)

Saturday - Sorceress Lux from League of Legends

Sunday - Officer Caitlyn from League of Legends

Please PM me any links, thank you!

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I was several characters over the weekend.


Gamzee(I had squeaky shoes):


I would greatly appreciate it if you would link me to or message me with any photos you may have!
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Looking for any pictures taken of me. I was Pinkie Pie as a Scout (and Pinkie Pie as Casual Shepard for Sunday evening)
email is [email protected]
Put the header as 'Pinkie Scout is here to party!'
Thanks <3


God Tier Sollux - Mage of Doom
Sunday - All day
I was wearing red and blue contacts and no glasses.

Hope that someone has pictures,
Thank you!


Friday: Ace Portgas from One Piece, missing the blue holster and the dagger but I had the arm tattoo, hat and the back tattoo.

Saturday: Auron from FFX, walked around for a bit, attended the FF gathering. I had more rectangular glasses and a grey mouth guard. There was another Auron that I had met who had more circular glasses and a white mouth guard.

Sunday: Blue Spirit from ATLAB, got to the gathering a bit late, ducked in the back because I was a little on the short side and had a little bit of trouble communicating with the mask on.

I was mostly in the Artist Alley because I had to run a booth so many of my pictures were probably there or on that sidewalk from the convention center to the artist alley.

Thanks in advance


I'm looking for any pictures taken of me. Here's who I was.

Friday: Mutta Nanba from Space Brothers and Krillin from Dragon Ball Z
Saturday: Nobuharu Udou/KyoryuBlue from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
Sunday: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi from Tiger & Bunny and Krillin again
Monday: I was Nobuharu again
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HI Everyone!

My little sister and I cosplayed as the Prince and Ryu from Katamari. Just wondering if anyone took pix? =)
Heres an example:


So I did two cosplays this year:

Friday:  Porco Rosso (Marco Pagot) from "Porco Rosso" (Friday only)
Saturday & Sunday:  Seven from  "9 hours 9 Persons 9 doors".  I was usually with a group of 999 and/or Virtues Last Reward cosplayers for this one.

Feel free to send/share any pics that you may have taken of me please. :)


SO I forgot my own camera this year so i don't have any personal photos of my cosplay if anyone got any I would love to see them
I was the Ursula that could flip her skirt up for the tentacles with the floutsom and Jetsom's

thank you in advance <3


Any other Dany pictures out there?
Wore her all day Saturday