Unofficial "Did you take my photo?" thread - Fanime 2013

Started by Kyonluver, May 26, 2013, 09:32:10 AM

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Trial of the Dragon

Quote from: Vasyenka on May 27, 2013, 07:49:55 PM
    Character you cosplayed: Garry (Ib), Novice (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood), Justine (Amnesia: Justine), Ellen (The Witch's House).
    What series he/she/it is from: Listed above^
    What day(s) you wore it: Garry and Novice were on Friday, Justine was Saturday, and Ellen was Sunday
    Reference picture of costume/character (Optional):
Garry: (to the far left, I was with an Ib group)
Justine: (I was also with the monster in this picture)
Ellen: (to the right, I had gouged/no eyes, lol).

Hey! You may have already seen this, but one of the Fanime staff had a whole collection of pictures of who I assume is you, as well as others! Going back to the 'Fanime Group' link, there should be pictures added around Thursday, I believe.


Quote from: Suzymofo on May 28, 2013, 12:14:21 AM

Any other Dany pictures out there?
Wore her all day Saturday

I might have a photo of you... I will check.  BTW: you could TOTALLY cosplay Khaleesi from Game of Thrones!!!
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My cosplay:
Character you cosplayed - Trickster Jane Crocker
What series he/she/it is from - Homestuck
What day(s) you wore it - Sunday
Reference picture of costume/character (Optional) -

(Sorry for the bad lighting... That's why I need pics! ^^; )

My boyfriend's cosplay:
Character you cosplayed - Cross Fusion Megaman
What series he/she/it is from - Megaman.EXE
What day(s) you wore it - Sunday
Reference picture of costume/character (Optional) -
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Hi all~!
I was Oogie Boogie on late night Saturday/really early morning Sunday, and Sunday for part of the afternoon.

I'm looking for pictures of myself along with my friends as the Mayor and Zero.

Thanks in advance!
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On Thursday and Monday, I was a fairly simple looking Chespin from Pokemon X/Y.
Friday, I was Tom Nook along with my Animal Crossing group.
Saturday, I was Marshall Lee from Adventure Time with a bass axe made out of perler beads.
Sunday, I was Switch from Sket Dance.


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Hey guys!

Here's my line up of costumes!

Friday: Rosiel from Angel Sanctuary [Silver hair and wearing the SS looking military uniform!] [Shown Here: ]
Friday Night: Maid [Black and white] [Black hair with curly pigtails]
Saturday: Rosiel From Angel Sanctuary [Silver hair and wearing the SS looking military uniform!]
Saturday Night: Orange Rave Fox with silver hair[Walked around with a wolf girl and skunk girl!] [Shown here: ]
Sunday: Marshal Lee from Adventure Time [Had a Marceline with me] [Shown here: ]
Sunday Night: Maid [Black and white] [Silver hair with black curled pigtails and then evetually took the pigtails off!] [Shown here: and]
Monday: [Silver hair and wearing the SS looking military uniform!]

And here are photos my boyfriend and I took:
Fanime 2017

Durarara!! - Celty


Friday/Saturday: Riza Hakweye from FMA/Brotherhood--I went out on Friday to do a test run of Riza wearing the military jacket all day. I decided to wear my gun holsters for most of the day on Saturday though, so I didn't wear my jacket. I also was with a Roy Mustang on Saturday
Sunday: Cardcaptor Sakura--I wore a flower pink skirt and top. I was with my Flower Card for a few hours, but after she left I was with a Clara (Doctor Who) and Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite), and I was carrying around a basket of flowers.
Monday: Ariel from The Little Mermaid--I wore the sail she wears when she first washes up on shore, and had a darker shade of red for my wig.

Feel free to PM or post photos here if you have them! Thank you!


I cosplayed:
Korra from Legend of Korra on Friday
Sa-chan from Gintama on Sunday (I'm pretty darn sure I was the only Sa-chan at the entire convention on Saturday)
and Morgiana from Magi on Sunday (I had an Alibaba with me not sure how much that helps lol.)

I ALSO have photos on my fan page here:, please keep looking back, as of right now I only have Day 0, Day 1 and a third of Day 2 uploaded, my friend took over a thousand photos and you could be one of them! (he didn't upload because he's leaving for China in less than a week @_@ )

Korra ref:

Sa-chan ref: (Only like 6 people knew who I was)

Morgiana ref: (Any pictures from the gathering would be awesome too)
Fanime line up 2017:
Fri: Ruby Rose 4th Season
Sat: Sa-chan(Gintama)
Sun: AM Haruhi (Ouran) / PM Phichit (YOI)


I cosplayed as a bird plaster splicer from Bioshock everyday that weekend.
My outfit looked like this:

My mask looked like this:


Didn't get to really hit the convention on Day 1 since I got screwed over by traffic and other miscellaneous delays that day, but I will inquire about these:
Day 2:
Sendou Aichi from "Cardfight!! Vanguard": (OLD PICTURE)
Charlotte Dunois from "Infinite Stratos": (WARNING: PHONE PICTURE)

(excuse the misaligned belt piece :P)

Day 3:
Hatsune Miku - "Miracle Paint"/Magician module from "Hatsune Miku: Project Diva": (OLD PICTURE, I removed the buttons prior to Fanime)
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Kujo Jotaro - "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure"
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Hello~ Wondering if anyone took a photo of my Rangiku!

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Hi!! did anybody take a picture of Zero from Vampire Knight? :P

this is me:

Awakening to otaku inside. ^-^


Hello all! Looking for me and/or my friends!

Character you cosplayed: Nidalee, Kennen, Teemo, or Sona!
    What series he/she/it is from: League of Legends
    What day(s) you wore it: Saturday!
    Reference picture of costume/character (Optional):


Quote from: Hyde on May 28, 2013, 01:29:11 AM
Hey guys!

And here are photos my boyfriend and I took:

Wow!  You had so many costume changes!  That is really cool. 

BTW: I can't see your facebook gallery and I am logged in.  Is it set to "friends only"?
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Um, hi!

I was a Glaceon on Saturday evening~night, and I know a few took my pictures (thank you soo much!), so if I can find them it would be great c:.


Any pictures would be appreciated, especially from Sunday.

Friday: Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4 (winter uniform)
Sunday: Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4 (winter casual)
I was walking around with a Terra from Kingdom Hearts on Sunday and I had a little persona plushie with me.
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-Alice Lidell
-video game, Alice: Madness Returns
-only on Saturday

I know there was a handful of alices throughout the weekend; i was the one carrying around the big red hobby horse and i spent most of my time inside the convention center

heres a pic someone else took:

i'd really like to see any pics taken of me ^^;; so please and thank you~


Well um I did a blood moon akali cosplay. Rather
Decent though.
Shes from league of legends and I wore the cosplay on that saturday.
Heres a few of me:

Character Reference:
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Misaka 10046 "nurse form" [Toaru]
Shinjuku Jalter [Fate Series]
Pokemon Wielder Volo [Legends Arceus][Pokemon]


My husband and I cosplayed as Cortana and Master Chief from the Halo video game series. Also our roommate cosplayed as classic Joker from batman/DC on sunday!