Missed Connections 2013

Started by Redfield, May 26, 2013, 11:52:25 PM

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To the Menma cosplayer who I took a picture of on Saturday around noon between the snake statue and fountains at the park for the superwholock gathering. Thanks for making my day after I took a picture of you and I went berserk on my friend saying that you were alive/real. The note you handed me after I went crazy will always be a great memory and made me and a few friends get THE FEELS.


Shout out to all of the people who said my Sesshomaru cosplay was cool and what not. It made my first time cosplaying nice. :D I think I was the only Sesshy there. :O(

Trial of the Dragon

I'd like to thank everyone that said I made an awesome Chie, and all of those that I got high fives and "FSTEAK" shouted from. xD And the people that said Xiaoyu was their favorite character from Tekken!

As for the Black & White Ball, thank you to everyone that danced with me and had the patience to deal with me having NO IDEA how to do ANY of the dances, and even teaching me a few of the moves!

On a more specific note, I'd like to make a shout out to the guy that cosplayed P4A Akihiko and hung out with us during our personal Persona 4 photoshoot. If I ever got your name, I don't remember it and I'm sorry! But you were funny and fun to be around, and you were a very fitting Akihiko!


to the blonde hair waldo rover who kept looking at me and double taking, yeah you want me giggity ;0


Quote from: spycker on May 29, 2013, 12:06:13 AM
to the blonde hair waldo rover who kept looking at me and double taking, yeah you want me giggity ;0

Pop! haha

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To the bartenders downstairs at the Hilton. Thanks for those very powerful Long Islands. Made the elevator trip up to the 7th floor much more tolerable when we were all standing nose-to-nose with only 2 our of 3 functioning elevators.


TO the pyramid head cosplayer on the first day (i know there where a few). I just wanted to say thanks again, you have no idea how much you made my day on friday, when you asked to take your picture with me XD. I was the ursula with the cool skirt that flipped up. again thank you so much XD lol.


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Hey Ya'll it's MECHA LINCOLN
Friday and saturday, I met some really cool groups while wandering around post midnight, one group was monopoly, the other was some weird bar game... dragon inn I believe, and I only remember one person's name, Milo, the girl with the sailor moon  shirt. All of you should hit me up, you were awesome.
And if Mecha Lincoln happened to be someone YOU missed a connection with, I'm right here yo!


OH MAN AND HOW COULD I FORGET THE ROLE PLAYER FROM THE NERD COURTING ROOM! Even though you guys were run over by a car when you failed to get the girl, I'd still love to hear from you guys again!

I remember walking by you in the game room when someone asked if you were Abraham Lincoln vampire slayer XD.
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This is to the two girls who commented on my Star Trek sweater and wanted to try and take it from me in front of the Marriott... you two really made my day. Hope you both had fun at the con.
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To the two girls I hung out with on Saturday morning in the convention hall downstairs on the stairs, talking about Anime, and our own stories that we are trying to write while we waited for our friends. I really enjoyed our conversation, and I wish I could have gotten to know you better.

To the former ballerina in the light blue dress (I think) at the Black and White Ball. I really enjoyed talking with you, and I also really enjoyed the dances. I wish I could have had a few more.

To the girl at the Black and White ball who I told she could have passed as the real life of a heroine in a Shojo manga. You were totally adorkable, and I really enjoyed teaching you a few of the basic dance steps. I wish I could have taught you more and got to know you better, but you seemed really shy, and I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable.
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Shout-out to the lady that helped guide me out of the bathroom after I got my Reaper mask back on (on Saturday afternoon)! You were probably the ONLY person that was aware how tough it must have been for me to wear that thing and you don't know how MUCH I appreciated the help! :)


Shout out to the 2 artists in Artist Alley selling Teen Wolf art. I about had a heart attack when I saw Stiles because I didn't thing there would be crossover in the fanbase for anime and TW. :) I got your cards but ended up losing them. I'm very sad by this because I can't follow your blogs now for updates!

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Shoutout to the Jareth cosplayer at the Black & White ball. I'm pretty sure you made a lot of girls' nights by dancing with them, myself included. Wish I'd have gotten your name!

Thanks, Panda! I had a great time at the Ball, too. Thanks for dancing with me (and likewise for all my partners)!

I clearly didn't realize how popular Jareth is (he's from an old movie, after all). It sounds like maybe I should wear him to the ball again next year.

A particular shout out to the shy girl who hid when I asked her to dance--maybe next year. :)


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Thanks, Panda! I had a great time at the Ball, too. Thanks for dancing with me (and likewise for all my partners)!

I clearly didn't realize how popular Jareth is (he's from an old movie, after all). It sounds like maybe I should wear him to the ball again next year.

A particular shout out to the shy girl who hid when I asked her to dance--maybe next year. :)

Oh you're not the first Jareth I've seen at Fanime Con. :) I've seen cosplays of him in previous years. Yes, it's safe to say that a Jareth cosplayer at a dance is a guaranteed babe magnet. *lol*

If you can somehow request that "As the World Falls Down" is on the song rotation at the ball, be prepared to be hounded!


To the artist who drew my Chibi Ganguro portrait... I lost your card and I wanted to say "thank you"!
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To Everyone who attended Speed Dating and FanimeCon...Ohohoho not a shameless plug at all ^w^

I love everyone and all! Or else I wouldn't spend time dealing with angry mobs of people and chaos WAHHH :D


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To the lady Tony Stark who sat on my table in artist allley and helped make my friend blush thank you for making my day!


To the Malzahar I met on Friday night at the swap meet!  This is the Kallen cosplayer.  If you see this, I wanna get to know you more. :3


A couple of shoutouts here

Black and White Ball (and lessons) shoutouts:
To the gal in the black and white illusion-looking dress from a yogurt shop in Florida- you talked with my friend on the sidelines for quite a while in the later hours of the ball, then took him out to dance. (He's a big fellow, had a camera around his neck until I took it so you could dance!) Thank you for interacting with him, and getting him on the dancefloor- it made his and our night!

To the ladies who danced East Coast and Cha Cha with the bigger gal in the red dress (ringleted hair, roses and the like) sorry my dress was a bit long, and thank you for dancing with me! You picked up on the dances very well!

To the fellow at the East Coast Swing lesson Saturday night (all I can remember appearance wise is that you had a large backpack and short hair) thank you so much for staying and dancing with me during the "decompression" time! (And for teaching me all the moves I didn't know!) That was a bunch of fun!

General Shoutouts:

To everyone who was asking about the giant rose I had as Arrietty, my friends found it for me at Hobby Lobby around Valentine's Day. Good luck to that cosplayer who said she needed one!

One more- to the fellow that got all excited about my Ruby (RWBY) costume Friday night in the breezeway of the gaming hall (even though I was lacking a scythe and wig at that point!) thank you so much for your kind words! That was the best reaction I got all weekend, even when my costume was complete and I had an Adam with me, and after having a long and unpleasant day, it really made everything seem better.
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I have two more shoutouts haha To the Raven and Marceline cosplayers I met at the CN and Nickelodeon Gathering, you two are awesome and it'd be cool to get to know you better  :) I was the Jake the Dog cosplayer there.